Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday night

Well, it's been another strange week! This is getting to be normal around here -- better look out!
My DB fell while changing a lightbulb in his basement, broke a couple of bones in his leg, had surgery today to put a screw and plate in. He'll be in the hospital a few more days, then 6 to 8 months before he'll be completely healed. He was standing on an overturned washtub and fell 10 inches! Let that be a lesson....we all do dumb things like that!

Thanks for all the comments on my menial task musings! I did spend all day yesterday working on the problem that was at the top of the list. Note to others: when you design a quilt, make sure you write down the sizes of each block as you make it! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT finish the quilt and wash it and expect to go back and easily figure out each block size! LOL I'm doing a BOM in my newsletter of a garden quilt with lots of different sized blocks. I had some problems when I first put it together and had to rework some of the blocks -- however, I had them written down in 3 different areas and 3 different sizes and no clue which paper was the latest! Sometimes I just shouldn't be allowed to feed myself with metal utensils!
I perservered however, and all the instructions for all the blocks are finished -- I'll just need to pick the next blocks for the newsletter and copy & paste!

Second on the list is a quilt I'm making for DD's best friend's mother. It could be called a commission quilt, except I'm not taking any money for it. Goal is to finish it before Christmas, which shouldn't be hard, if I actually work on it! So, today, I appliqued another cardinal and cut out and pinned the next one on the block. Two more to applique, and then a boatload of leaves to applique, put it together, add borders and quilt! I'll keep at it now that I have it at the top of my list!

Tomorrow I have a workshop at my guild -- a Nickel Squares workshop with Pat Speth, the author of the book. Been fighting this rotten cold/cough all week, so got everything packed and ready to go (featherweight checked and ready!) -- I'll decide how I feel in the morning and hopefully will be able to go -- it's an all day thing and I need the break! I think this cold/cough thing is turning into laryngitis - so that'll be a bonus for my friends! vbg


Finn said...

Hi Joanne, boy, you've sure had a week. Like that ole TV show "That Was The Week That Was"..remember that one??? Terrible that your DH got hurt doing the incredibly DUMB things guys seem to think they must do! I hope the break heals well, but such a long!

Three cheers for getting those instructions matched up and being ready to move on..that's amazing considering how you feel.
I think you are due for some "play time". Hope you feel good enough to take the workshop and enjoy it !!
Hugs for a very rough week !!!

Scrapmaker said...

Hope your DH will be ok. So sorry for all the chaos you are having to deal with, but I am so impressed and amazed at all you are accomplishing in spite of it! Jen

Dawn said...

Oh I can't wait to see how your Pat Speth workshop went!

But I was so sorry to hear about your DH breaking his leg. YIKES.