Friday, September 16, 2005


We had a rather interesting night last night -- the electric/telephone pole at the road directly in front of our house caught fire. Our neighbor noticed and told us about 10:30 pm. I called ComEd -- they called back about 11 saying someone was on his way -- he showed up at midnight. He put the fire out and then shut off our power. He was out there all night and at various times more trucks arrived and left. I didn't sleep for sour apples last night! (Our bedroom is in the front of the house, second floor -- I kept thinking the guy was probably eye level with our windows! -- Not that there's a lot to see in old people's bedrooms! LOL) Got up at 7 this morning -- they are still out there, still no power. They finally got the pole out of the ground and a new one put in (the fire had burned through the pole at the top --but I don't believe it got to the transformer which was lower on the pole). They then hooked up the transformer and our power came back online at 7:40 this morning -- 30 seconds later they were gone! So, I've decided to come down with a cold and I didn't sleep well -- can you say cranky?!

Anyway -- did manage to get one top quilted today -- I must be the world's worst machine quilter -- by the time I get to the borders I just want to get it finished! When I win the lottery, I'm sending every top I have stacked waiting to be quilted out to a long -armer! Heads up, Bonnie -- I plan on winning the Mega Millions tonight! vbg

Tomorrow we have to go to a funeral for an old friend's wife, so probably won't be getting much quilting done til late in the afternoon. I had hoped to get the second one started today, but things don't always work out the way I hoped! Ah well! It'll still be there when I get back -- maybe I can learn some patience in the meantime!

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