Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Welcome back, Finn!

Do ya ever get the feeling that something is bothering you, but you can't put your finger on it? I do -- quite often! LOL I had to clean house today -- I do some of my best thinking while doing menial tasks. Figured out that I have a couple things bothering me -- stressing me -- and mostly it's deadlines I've put on myself. So, made a list of things that are stressing me, put them in order of what needs to be done first and what doesn't need to be done at all. Now I have a clear picture of what I need to do to reduce the stress in my life!

Managed to stitch the bindings down on all three quilts waiting in line - one less thing on my list, but not really a stress inducer --- I knew I'd get them finished! Won't be going to DD's tomorrow to babysit as I still have a cough and have now given it to DH -- don't need to spread it further -- so will tackle the one big stress inducer at the top of the list and hopefully find peace of mind soon! And when that job's done, I'll start on the second one and just keep plodding along! I'm motivated to clear my mind and my stress 'cause I wanna play with scraps.


Finn said...

Hi Joanne, thanks for the welcome home ! I sure am HAPPY to be back. I've missed you all sooooo much. But, I do realize it was good for me to go, to be aware from "everything" I've dealt with here the past year, and to prove to myself and my kids, that I really AM a big girl and can solve problems, situations and take care of home or away. (One eldest daughter was born worrying I think *S*)
I can so identify with how doing routine tasks around the house frees our minds to figure out what is bothering us. And what a good idea to make alist of them. Never thought of that ! Sort of came to the same conclusion as I was leaving Orlando. I had pre-arranged as much as I could. My worries were Could I find the baggage check in Mpls. International? It's HUGE and more is under construction? And I haven't flown since the 1990's.
And then, could I find where the local passenger service shuttle loaded, and get the ride that put me closer to home?
The one thing that hadn't occured to me was that my plane might be delayed...LOL. So guess who got to sit and think for 1.5 hrs in Orlando while the mechanics tried to get the bathrooms to work..LOL?
They finally decided to de-board us, put us in lines(200+ of us) and "fit" us onto other flights with a Mpls, MN destination. I was in line about an hour, finally got onto an L.A. flight in seat 45-A(which is pretty far back..LOL..only 47 rows of seats) and we finally took off later than I should have been home. Soooo I missed my shuttle, missed my friend picking me up on the other end, and in general still didn't know if I could find my one piece of luggage.
I decided I only had to solve one problem at a time, and the first one was getting off the ground. Then to see if I could find baggage claim. Once I had my bag, I worked on finding the shuttle desk, and did with some nice people's assistance. And so on. A nice lady let me use her cell phone to call my daughter, and dd got word to friend Betsy that I would be at the pick up point at 6:30 p.m. not 3:30. And ya know, it all worked out ok.
Seems like it was a lot of things to solve, but I did it...just one thing at a time.

So sorry about your cold, hope you have some nice hot chicken soup. Hugs, Finn

Dawn said...

Hi Joanne! You know I was kind of thinking last night. I was sitting on the garage floor staining my new floor quilt hoop and thinking how nice it was to just sit there and rub the wood and just think about nothing special. Now I didn't make a list or anything, but it was just the soothingness of the menial task!