Sunday, February 12, 2017

Today's Adventure

Went to lunch after church, then came home and loaded the railfence onto the longarm.  Selected a pattern called Dancing Clovers -- not too dense and doesn't take long to run.  In theory.
First row ran fine, rolled the quilt, basted one side, and while basting the second side, the needle broke. And that was a brand new needle I just put in today, of course.  So, put in another needle, ran the basting, but it didn't sound right, so decided I needed to clean under the needle plate, and while doing that I noticed the timing was off on the machine.  The needle has to hit a certain spot at the same time the hook arrives there.  It was not.  So, shut down the machine, find the instruction booklet, and the timing device.  Need a flashlight, one in basement needs new batteries, of course -- the big type battery.  Find the other one upstairs.  Loosen the set screws, which, btw, are located behind the hook race and not exactly easy to get to.  Set the timing, moved the needle while trying to tighten the set screw, had to redo the timing.  Finally got it all timed, screwed in tight and put back together.  Clock chimes 3 times!  This was supposed to be a quick job!  Anyway, glad I did all that because it purrs like a kitten now and finished the quilt.  Made the binding while it was quilting, put on the walking foot on my Brother machine (why do they make it difficult to put on and take off the feet - my Bernina is really easy).  Started putting the binding on and thinking I'll probably run out of bobbin thread with my luck.  Yep -- ran a whole side and went to turn the corner and discovered I ran out of bobbin thread at the top of the side!  Replaced the bobbin.  Finished putting on the binding.  It is now upstairs with my sewing kit to hand sew the binding down sometime before Friday, when my friend Sharon and I are going to visit Lily (who btw is about 87 years young!) and bring her the quilt for her friend!
Only other chore on Sunday is gathering garbage and taking it to the road.  I have a ton of recyclables that need to go out too, but it is extremely windy here today, so I'll have to try to beat the trash men in the morning!
And that's all I have accomplished today, but it's enough!
Until next time....blessings.

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Connie the Cootiebug said...

Sounds like your day was an exercise in patience! We had a windy day also and I had to store the outdoor trash can in the garage to prevent it from blowing down the driveway into the road. Enjoy your evening. :)