Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just a little time in the studio today

This is the tumbler quilt I need to work on.  One strip done!
So the other day I managed to print 12 labels for the quilts for the homeless and I pressed all the kids fabrics ready for cutting.
Today I loaded a quilt on the longarm, added two labels to the two backings I had pieced and pressed, and then spent time cutting tumblers from the fabrics I already had cut.  
I didn't finish quilting the quilt, hope to do that tomorrow.  This has just been one of those weeks that I have a lot of appointments, or errands or other things that needed to get done, so only a few minutes spent in the studio and only about and hour and a half today.  And tomorrow we'll be visiting Lily and dropping off the lap quilt for her friend, that I did manage to get the binding sewn down!
Dinner tonight is going to be Panera Chicken Tortilla Soup that I just bought at Sam's Club this morning!  I got a delivery box from Blue Apron yesterday and was planning on fixing one of the dinners, but running around this morning wore me out and I'm too tired!  Maybe tomorrow!
Until next time....blessings.

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Connie the Cootiebug said...

I moved around my sewing table and a few other things today while rearranging the room, didn't get around to sewing (yet, I hope), and we settled for picking up a pizza from a local pizza parlor, which was very yummy. And here I sit laptop and big chair, news on, trying to decide what to do next. By this time of day I usually don't have stored up energy for activity so it's most likely some chair sitting with hand sewing or whatever. Seems like nearly every evening I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll be more productive but lots of days I'm not. My Sam's membership expired and I haven't been there in over a year. Your soup sounds good though so perhaps I'll think about that. Our nearest Sam's isn't local so it requires driving to another city but not too far. Well, enjoy your evening. Hugs xo