Saturday, October 24, 2015

More Sewing and Planning!

Of all the steps in quilting, my second least favorite is cutting fabric!  This is my cutting table -- I have to shove things around in order to cut anything, of course.  The fabric on the front corner is yardage I'm using from stash to make the hexagons for the background on the Lucy Boston quilt.  I cut some today, but I can't do a lot of cutting with the cast on.  The fabric piled under the square cutting mat is for kids quilts that we're doing this year with the church group.  And under the table is another huge stack of donated fabrics that I need to cut into squares for more homeless quilts.  In other words, I have a ton of cutting to do.  So, every day that I go downstairs to sew, I plan to spend at least 15 minutes cutting - something!

I did cut some hexagons today and glued some of the background ones together -- I'm using at least 3 different background fabrics for these from stash!
I mentioned my second least favorite thing to do, but my very least favorite thing is piecing batting!  Batting is expensive - I buy Warm & Natural at JoAnn's during their half price sales and the last two times actually got free shipping too, but it's still expensive.  The last time I pieced batting, I spent days at it and actually came out with a dozen batts for homeless quilts (which are 60"x80").  Today I pieced batts and got two more for the big homeless quilts and 3 for kids quilts, and one piece that's 36" x 42".  I'm going to try to stitch up the leftover batting once a week, so it doesn't take a day or longer to do it!  All part of the Plan!

Until next time....blessings.

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