Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Last of the Landscaping!

Okay -last of the landscaping pictures, I promise!
Back corner below the kitchen window at the sink. 
After, with the 3 french lilacs.
Hosta bed that was there before.
After, they dug out around it, replaced the edging with a cut edge and filled in with mulch.  Also transplanted a few of the hostas that were in the corner bed, right on the edge.
Nasty spot in the corner of the drive.  The guys saved all the dianthus plants and added them around the house.
After, there is a mugo pine, which won't get any bigger than it is, and a few catmint and the rest are red/wine colored daylilies, which are at this time blooming!.  Eventually, they will fill the space.
And the final picture:  The guys are planting 3 flowering crab between my 6 evergreens across the back of the lot.  They will block the view from the house behind me, and be pretty to look at in the spring.  The birds are already very happy with the trees in the yard!

Until next time....blessings.

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