Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

From my youngest grandson - Mikey is 4. Daughter and grandkids took me out to eat on Friday night for Mother's Day -- it was very nice.
So, yesterday I was thinking about the problem I have with the landscaping around the house.  Here are two pictures of the rocks in the flower beds - just at the back of the house.

Apparently the guy that lived here before didn't ever want to have to mulch ever again, so he put down gravel all across the front, a huge area on the south side of the house (I'm sure he thought it would save him from mowing that area), and about halfway across the back.
I did go out yesterday afternoon and tried to rake the rocks out of the back of the house:
It's a whole lot better, but not great, still lots of rocks, and not enough good dirt, and the whole area needs to be re-edged and widened.  So I came in and emailed two companies to have them send out someone to give me an estimate on redoing the landscaping and removing all the rocks! It's probably going to cost me an arm and a leg, but I certainly can't take all those rocks out by myself and I hate how they look now!  So, decision made! Can't wait to get some ideas and see what they can do for me.

Until next time....blessings.

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