Monday, March 03, 2014

Moving Along

This is the cabinet the contractor added to my kitchen while I was gone:  The bottom cabinet and countertop ended with the cabinet on the right.  The microwave on the shelf just hung out there in lala land!  So they matched the cabinets and installed the double cabinet on the left -- it doesn't really take away any space in the kitchen at all, but definitely adds much needed cabinet and counter space.
This week will see the rest of the woodwork finished in the basement, including staining 6 doors and the rest of the trim.  Saturday the flooring will be installed and next week the rest of the fixtures and trim will be installed.  I'm getting really anxious to see it all done.  My plan will be to put away the stuff I have all over the house first and then unpack the boxes still in the garage!

Until next time...blessings.

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