Friday, February 21, 2014


Hawaii was right! (The first picture was of Kona Joe Coffee plantation! - Those were coffee trees instead of grapes!).  I was at "Quilting on the Beach" in Kona, Hawaii taking classes and relaxing.  This photo is of the 9 blocks we got from the various quilt shops we visited on a shop hop tour of the big island.  This was just one shop's way of setting the blocks.  This was sponsored by the Quilt Passions Quilt Shop in Kona.  Lots of fun, met some fabulous people, took a couple of applique classes by Nancy Chong, ate a lot, took a Pearl Harbor tour one day to see the Arizona memorial, and generally left the stress behind!

Came home to a furnace that died (whoopee, got to replace the furnace first day back!), and the contractor had the walls up in the basement.  Should only be a couple of more weeks and the basement will be finished.  They also put in another base cabinet in my kitchen with more counter space -- yay!  Almost makes me feel like cooking now!  I'll post pictures next time!

It was a wonderful, once in a lifetime trip, and although I had to come back to more snowstorms and below freezing weather, I'm glad to be home too!
Until next time...blessings.

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Karen said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip! Glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunate about the furnace, but at least there wasn't more damage. Enjoying your posts!