Saturday, June 22, 2013

It was a hot time last night!

Took a bus trip to Rosemont (near Chicago) for the International Quilt Festival yesterday. The bus left Quilters General Store in Rockford at 8:30 am and arrived at 10:00 am. And we boarded the bus to come home at 6:00 pm. I, for one, was worn out walking- but had fun and next post I'll show you what I bought. Just before 6:30 pm, there was a pop coming from the back of the bus -- if it had come from beneath, it sounded like luggage shifting or falling. Driver pulled over and checked it out (he had also seen smoke). The mechanics and the driver couldn't see anything, so started out again, and again stopped and checked it out a second time. Next, he pulled over, after getting off an overpass and just out from under the Des Plaines Oasis. He immediately told us to get off the bus, and at the same time smoke started billowing out along the side of the bus, and then inside the bus. There were 52 women on the bus, so this was not an easy task; however we did make it off the bus. The following pictures tell the rest of the story!

They called a bus that had just dropped off passengers at O'Hare, so it arrived faster than one coming all the way from Rockford, and finally about 8:00 pm we were again on our way home. Exciting trip to say the least! Blessings til next time!

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Cher said...

oh my goodness! so glad all were safe and no shopping was damaged!
what an exciting end to your big day....looking forward to seeing what you could not live without.