Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Here it is 11 days into the New Year and I'm still working on resolutions! Today I started another one: Deep clean (or spring clean) the main floor of the house. I managed to get the second floor done last year and even though it wouldn't hurt to do it again this year, I'll move on to the first floor. I had planned on doing the first floor last fall, but you know how plans go!
So, today I started in the dining room. We do not use our dining room -- it's basically a photo gallery and a place to keep all the china and other stuff we don't use every day! I don't even have a before picture to show because I was disgusted by the dust and dirt! I only did the top of the hutch today, but plan on doing more on Friday! So here are the after pictures -- trust me, those crystal vases are heavy and so shiny once they're clean! I had to take a picture after I put them back up and then another after I put a few pictures back up there.

I also managed to spend a little time in the sewing room -- another resolution (to spend some time every day in the sewing or quilting room). I pieced a quick backing for a quilt and brought it down to the longarm to be quilted soon. I also cleaned up my mess so it's ready for another day of sewing.

Getting my chores done today and a little extra towards my resolutions.
Spending a little time in the sewing room -- always relaxing.
Talking to Steph on the phone.

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StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the times when I finally get around to deep cleaning Joanne - not that it happens often. I prefer to take out all the furniture I can, clean and then put it all back. My husband thinks I'm nuts - maybe I am. :) blessings, marlene