Friday, December 18, 2009

One more surgery

So, just to end the year with good measure, we have one more surgery to get through.
Late yesterday afternoon, I let JR outside to take care of his business (we live in the country, he's 9 yrs old and doesn't like the cold -- he sometimes goes wandering through our woods, but never off our property). I did not go out with him. He came in a few minutes later limping. We assume he chased a squirrel or a deer -- he does think he's Rambo.
So, today we got him in to see the vet and as was the case 2 years ago next month, he has torn the ligament in his knee -- last time it was the right rear leg, this time the left rear leg. Needless to say, his surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. He'll go in early in the morning and we'll pick him up late afternoon.

The vet thought he'd have to put it off for a week -- into the new year, but I'm glad he got him scheduled this week -- I want to start the new year being through with surgeries!

The vet did not have to put him out to make the diagnosis - this is one of those good things/bad things. It was quite obvious without sedating him. It also makes me hurt to see him limp.

I bought the Susan Boyle cd the other day -- what a treasure her voice is. I'd definitely recommend the cd.

Listening to my new David Bailey cd's today -- he's a folk-type singer that writes his own songs -- he's a 12 year brain tumor survivor.


Carol said...

Oh poor little JR...sending lots and lots of good thoughts. Our Zack had his first knee done in August 2007 and the second one done in October 2007...he got over the second one so much faster. You all take care! Here's to 2010!

Mary said...

The good news is that he'll be out of knees after this ... the bad news is that like Chesty there are always other things that require surgery. I'm glad we got Chesty's bladder stone surgery over and done with too.

Good luck to both of you during surgery and recovery.

Lori said...

The hardest thing about this surgery (and since he's already had the other one done you already know this) is keeping them quiet during the recovery period. My darling Sable was fond of leaping out of the minivan door and my husband took to standing in front of the door open armed so he could catch her!! She thought she was invincible right to the end!!

Lori in VA