Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Month of August

While Bill was in the emergency room, our friends/neighbors righted his tractor and hauled it into our shed. Last week Bill and his friend ordered the parts to fix it -- I imagine they'll be working on it awhile ;-)! This first pic is of the wheel which we now think is what caused the accident -- it broke off the axle or whatever it is that keeps the wheel in place (I am mechanically challenged). The second picture shows the damage to the caution sign and the wheel on the left side, which was at the top right when I first got to the ditch. The third picture shows the seat and the bent up spring -- the seat is what caught Bill in the hip and thigh as he went off the back of the tractor. Notice the black steering wheel laying on the side -- it is bent and broken, plus the fireman had to cut the spokes out of it in order to free Bill's leg from under it.

So, Bill managed to survive, but then last Thursday night he had chest pains and nausea, so ended up back at the hospital overnight. They did a nuclear stress test the next day and his heart is okay -- can only think it's an esophageal thing. They did cut one of his blood pressure meds in half -- he does not have high blood pressure and I think too much med was making him dizzy. It's been a trying month. He is home again and went to see his doctor today and everything seems to be fine, again. We are getting to be on a first name basis with the Byron Fire Department/Ambulance though -- and that's okay because they are all great professionals and certainly set my mind at ease when I see them pull up.

A week after the accident, I left Bill to his own devices (with our friend/neighbor to keep an eye on him!), and Steph and I took the grandkids to the Milwaukee Zoo. We had a wonderful day. The first picture is Briana, AJ and Will (who did not want to have his picture taken!). Briana has the patience of Job with the boys. She is truly a blessing. I had to ride the skycar with her because she knew Mom wouldn't! It was actually fun -- even though I don't care for rides either.

This is AJ after having a blueberry slushy! He's 5, need I say more?
And this is Will, age 2 -- the climber. He has absolutely no fear and will climb on anything - never mind that on the other side of that wall was the pond. Grandma added a few gray hairs that day!
We did have a great time and hope that next summer we can plan an outing for every other week when Briana is home (she has to go to her mother's in the summer every other week).

And just to prove to myself that I have accomplished something quilty this month -- I finally finished block 8 of the Primitive Garden quilt!
Bill is back home and well.
Grandchildren -- they are so much fun.
I seem to be in a quilting slump, but enjoying reading and wasting time anyway.


Carol said...

What a month...glad Bill is doing well...you all take good care!

Screen Door said...

Joann - Love the Garden Block....Bill is a cat with 9 lives....glad he's on the mend.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the Primitive Garden block - right up my alley! What a fun day you had even if their are a few new gray hairs. :) blessings, marlene

Nines said...

It is hard too get out of the revolving medical door once your foot gets in. Glad he is home again. Tell him to cut it out! Guess he will spend many a quality hour out there working on the tractor- one of my Dad's favorite pastimes. The blue tongue is a riot and my five year old would do just the same! The primitive block is gorgeous.