Thursday, April 02, 2009

Progress in March

My quilt projects in March moved along well. I made two dog fabric quilts, put a border on a quilt Kris gave me, put a border on a panel for a child's quilt and finished my Five and Dime quilt that I made last summer. I quilted all of the above, and bound one dog fabric quilt and gave it to Steph. I finished the bindng on the Five and Dime yesterday (and put a label on the quilt, too), but I'm counting it in March's list. This is Five and Dime (the center squares are raw edge applique). I used a pantograph called Tulip Festival from Lorien Quilting and Willow Leaf Studio.

And here's the back of this quilt. It really wasn't intended to be a reversible quilt; I was just using up stash to piece the backing. But I like the result a lot. It's a great place to put leftover blocks. too.
Spring cleaning- wise: I managed to finish the guest room and I also did the upstairs hallway -- mainly lots of woodwork (there are 3 bedrooms, a bath and double bi-fold doors on the laundry area that open on the hallway, not including the open access to the stairs). I also shampooed the carpet in the hallway twice and the stairs once. I'll do the stairs again when I finish the rest of the upstairs. Next on the list is cleaning out the cabinets in the laundry area - which is basically a large closet and starting on the linen closet in the main bathroom.
Health and weight: My blood sugar is not coming down very quickly. And, I only got in about 4 days of exercise in one and a half weeks. So, of course, to compensate for no exercise, I binged on chocolate and chips! Consequently, I gained and lost the same pound about 2 weeks in a row. I am now back on track!
Making some progress on the cleaning projects.
Getting myself back on track to lose the weight.
Actually getting some quilting done!


Journeying said...

I LOVE this Five and Dime quilt!!! Is it a pattern you had or did you just think it up? The idea is great, the fabric choices and combinations are great, and the quilting is great! And the back looks wonderful, too - it really does make it a reversible quilt.

Mary said...

I love this one too! I need to exercise more too - I lost 10 lbs a few months ago but then stopped trying.

Melody said...

Very pretty quilts! I love them!

Good luck on sticking to your exercise and diet routine. I struggle with those things too! And congrats on the exercise you *have* accomplished!

McIrish Annie said...

I love your quilt! when I first saw the picture, it reminded me of the colors I used in a quilt a couple of years ago. and I adore the back. nice that it is reversible!

geezzz louise, with all that cleaning and quilting you would have thought you would have lost at least 10 lbs.!!

don't despair, just keep on trying!

Anonymous said...

The back is as good as the front! Love it.

Lori said...

I've lost 3 pounds but it is tough going since I have insulin resistance so....I should be at my goal weight in 2045. YES!!!

Lori in VA

Karen said...

I like pieced backs for quilts. It gives you more to look at that is interesting.