Sunday, January 04, 2009

January Postcards

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon making these postcards for the grandkids. (I can't believe how long it takes to make these -- mostly because I'm designing as I go and I'm not that good at it!) I think the kids will like them, though. I do have the plastic envelopes to slip them into and I'll probably take them to the post office tomorrow afternoon - after my house cleaning chores are done!

We got a sleet/thunderstorm in the middle of the night -- very strange to have lightning at this time of year!


I slept in this morning -- no point in trying to go anywhere, I don't do slick roads! I needed the sleep too -- haven't been sleeping well at all this week.

Making up menus a week ahead of time -- sure saves the brain from overtaxing itself every evening!


Vicki W said...

I love the psotcards!

Screen Door said...

Too cute!!! Everyone love mail from Grandma....Great job!!!!

doni said...

Looks like you're a great designer to me!!! Do you send them monthly cards? My Gkids are 2 and 2 months - but what a great idea for later!

Warm winter wishes!

doni @ Oregon coast

boutcrazy said...

I love these. How creative. I'm going to have to try making some one day.

Morah said...

Dinner...UG! It has become the bane of my existence!! Love the postcards!

Cher said...

very fun cards...they will sure enjoy receiving them