Saturday, January 31, 2009

The end of January

So, here we are at the end of January and I don't feel that I accomplished much this month.
I finished an applique top, but haven't quilted it yet.
I finished Steph's Christmas present, the Valentine quilt. Her dad made a quilt hanger for her too, so that was a great extra gift, but I need to get up there to get a picture because I forgot to take a picture here.
I finished the deep clean of Steph's old bedroom/my extra sewing room.
I started the deep clean of the guest room -- the closet shelf and a couple of drawers in one dresser, plus restacking the very large pile of quilts.
I did get new folders made and a ton of papers filed and reorganized in the desk area. I also got the quilt patterns I've been saving organized in books.
I've started typing up the recipes I want to keep -- that's an ongoing project.
I haven't lost as much weight as I wanted to by this point, but I haven't given up either.

I did sew with Kris yesterday. I worked on my "Starstruck" quilt from Bonnie's site. This is an ongoing project that I'm not in a hurry to finish. I've also been doing some applique projects at home -- I have 3 that I'm working on simultaneously! Two are old ones and I started a new to me one. I've done a few quilts over the years that were designed by the Country Threads ladies and I've got a few of their books. When I was re-organizing in the new sewing room, I found the book with the pattern called: Use it Up, Wear it out, Make it do, or do without. I've always been going to do that one, so I decided to start it now -- no time like the present, right?! Still working on my Primitive Garden quilt, too. I have a few more partially finished applique projects waiting in the wings, too, but 3 are probably enough for now!

Tomorrow my favorite quilt store is having their "Super Bolt Sunday Sale" and I haven't been there in ages, so friend, Jackie and I are going tomorrow afternoon.

So, tomorrow starts a new month and a new resolve to actually finish a quilting project, maybe finish cleaning the guest room and definitely get more exercising and less eating done! We'll be celebrating AJ's fifth birthday in February too!


McIrish Annie said...

When you are done "deep cleaning" let me know, I'll send you a 1st class ticket to CT, I could use a "deep cleaner" to visit me!

have fun on Super Bolt sunday! buy lots!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I always love their booth when I see them at quilt shows. I've never been to the shop though. Love the look of that BOM they have on their website!

Cher said...

love your summary- I am with you on hoping to get more accomplished in February! hope you found some bargains at your favorite quilt shop