Saturday, December 06, 2008


Here it is December 6 and once again I'm late posting the calendar picture -- I think probably 11 out of 12 months I've been late -- pretty consistent, really!

I have been busy. I finished Block #7 of the Primitive Garden BOM. I like how this block turned out -- plus it was bigger pieces, so therefore quicker to applique!

I've been doing a lot of longarm quilting in the past few weeks. And enjoying my Christmas cactus, which is next to the window in the longarm area of the basement.
And this is a picture of a Turning Twenty quilt done by a friend in Christmas fabrics -- I used a pantograph called Tannenbaum which is actually tesselating trees with a star on top! Very easy and very quick -- takes me longer to prep the quilt and load it than it does to quilt it.

I quilted a table runner this afternoon and loaded another small quilt to do tomorrow. I've been using pantographs so much lately that I've forgotten how to do freehand -- so I'll be doing some practicing on this one and the next small runner! Think I'll watch the Pajama Quilter dvd again, and Kimmy Brunner's beginner's dvd -- lots of ideas on those two.
Was supposed to have cooky day at Steph's today, but the snow and wind decided I shouldn't drive today -- I drove home last year in a snow storm and one road was so slippery there were cars in the ditches every half mile -- I drove about 35 mph! I did make some spritz cookies last week, but Bill and I (mostly me) ate them all, so I am not going to make any more. I really don't need the added weight!
Staying in by the fire on these cold, snowy days.
Just a little bit of Christmas music on the radio -- not all Christmas all the time, which is an assault on my eardrums I think.
Learning all about my new computer.

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