Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Stash Enhancement

So... I found a pattern in an old book I have (2005) for a Valentine wall hanging. I needed some reds and some background fabrics because I just didn't have the right ones in the stash. And, if the pattern calls for a half yard -- buy a yard, just in case. And the pretty floral was the last of the bolt, so take it all. And I am always in the market for light backgrounds. And I don't have enough blues -- and I only bought 1 yard of that and four fat quarters. I'd hang my head in shame, but I'm not ashamed. I love this fabric and spent the better part of the afternoon washing, drying and pressing it all! Whatever I don't use for the Valentine wall hanging will feed my stash. Ya can't let your stash get stagnant, ya know?!
I also took Bonnie's advice and spent 15 minutes cutting and pressing some scraps to feed my scrap bins. I have a bin that is labeled 2-1/2", but it is full of 3"+ stuff, so I'm going back through and cutting them to the sizes I'll use after listening to her inspiring lecture Monday night. I actually spent 30 minutes doing that, but the goal will be 15 minutes a day to make it less overwhelming.
And, I pulled fabrics last night (from stash!) to start another top -- it'll just be a small one from the Primitive Youngins book by Primitive Pieces by Lynda. I'm going to make the one called Hide N' Seek for Steph to put in the fundraising auction at AJ's nursery school.

My ob-gyn has a new nurse practitioner and she is fabulous -- we have a winner here.
Immersing myself in fabric at the quilt shop today -- felt good just to wander around and pull bolts off the shelf.
Planning the next two quilts -- I've been at loose ends lately without a project goal. I have a scrap quilt I'm working on, but having two to make for a purpose gives me more focus.

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Screen Door said...

Great fabrics, you'll have to show us your pattern.I would love to hear her speak.