Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bonnie's Program

Last night Kris and I went to Dixon to see Bonnie. She gave her program on the Scrap Users System, using the Fabric Food Chain quilt. Everyone loved her! Kris had never been to the Quiltville.com site and couldn't wait to fire up the computer when she got home. I think we all left wanting to press and cut scraps all night.
Bonnie graciously signed my book and we had our picture taken.
I was going to make all kinds of excuses as to why I look so bad (you know, the camera adds ten pounds), but hey -- it's the way I look. My eyes close when I laugh and my double chins show! vbg
I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed meeting Bonnie. I wish I could have taken her workshops today and tomorrow - but maybe next time.
Safely finding our way to and from Dixon last night -- it was pitch dark, Rt. 2 runs along the river and is very dark and we had to be careful to watch for deer -- it's their silly season!
Bonnie is very gracious and a wonderful speaker and I'm happy to have finally met her.


Tazzie said...

How lucky you are to have met our Bonnie - it sounds like you had the very best time!

Screen Door said...

Sounds like you had fun..Did you learn lots?

Kristin said...

Hurrah! I get to meet Bonnie in a few days and can't wait!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Wasn't Bonnie's talk wonderful! She came to our guild after the Dixon one!