Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mail Call

Primitive Pieces by Lynda has just published her first book. And I got my copy in the mail late yesterday afternoon. This is really a nice book for being self-published. It has patterns for quilts she named after childhood games, "Hopscotch", "jacks", etc. Fun, cute and I think probably quick patterns. I love the book -- just don't have time right now to make one of the quilts, but I like the book as well as Bonnie's new book!

I delivered a quilt today, picked up another quilt to machine quilt last night and have one on the frame right now. I kinda like doing a few quilts for other people -- it's helping me learn everything I need to know about my machine and it's testing my abilities and therefore helping me improve (I hope!). I hope to finish two this week and start a third. And then maybe I can spend some time piecing the quilt Kris and I have picked from Bonnie's book.

A warm fire in the kitchen in the morning.
Lunch with a friend.
Gas at $2.81 (when did we become happy to pay less than $3 a gallon for gas?).

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Screen Door said...

Our gasoline is 10 cents higher, but it is still under $3.00 /gallon. Stay busy...