Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy First Birthday, Will!

"Baby Will", as AJ calls him, turns 1 years old today. We had both boys over the weekend and actually had a ball. (Exhaustion set in immediately afterward though -- that's why they give babies to young people!). Will has been walking for at least a month now -- I love to watch him walk with just his diaper on -- bowlegged around the mass of the diaper on his tiny butt. He has beautiful blond hair that I hope stays blond, but neither his mother's or his uncle's did, so that might be a challenge. When he got up Saturday morning, his hair was standing on end on each side of the back of his head -- I would have loved to have gotten a camera shot when he was standing in the sunlight -- talk about little devil's horns. So cute. I talked Steve & Kim in to meeting us at the Discovery Center in Rockford - a children's hands-on museum Saturday afternoon. Both boys caught a catnap on the way to the museum -- AJ woke up and he and Steve were on the go from then on. Will, on the other hand, looked like he was stunned. Kim took him to see the sights, but for the first hour or more, he just stood and looked around -- sensory overload I think! We spent about two hours there and it only felt like 4!
I fixed chicken strips with baked beans for dinner and AJ informed me that I was supposed to have tater tots with chicken strips -- boy, is this grandma out of the loop or what?
Both boys were really good all weekend -- Will is the easiest baby -- you lay him down for a nap or bedtime, he gives one little cry and immediately goes to sleep.
So, happy birthday dear grandchild!

Steve & Kim -- Bill and I would never have made it two hours on Saturday!


Screen Door said...

Beautiful grandkids. I read Steve's post... sounds like you had a ball. Wish we could all see life through Steve's eyes.... I think we would appreciate things more, especially the the little everyday things...I'm trying to be better at that.

Sweet P said...

Happy birthday! That's a great photo of the boys.

Tater tots with chicken strips? I thought the in thing was french fries? I guess I'm out of touch too.