Saturday, July 19, 2008

An Eventful Month

Today was Will's birthday party. He loved his cake and was just as pleased with the cards and packaging as he was with his presents! Don'tcha just love this age -- too soon they grow up.

We also celebrated our 27th anniversary on Thursday. The two of us went to dinner at a new to us place -- actually run by the man who ran the restaurant we went to on our first date -- 27 years ago! lol We usually meet friends at a restaurant in Byron on Wednesday nights, but this week the restaurant was closed, so we met them at an old place in Rockford we haven't been to in ages, called the Rathskellar -- obviously, German food -- the Lyonnaise Potatoes are to die for! It seems like we've eaten out a lot this week and we have -- so next week I need to hit the treadmill double time.

Bill had an echo-cardiogram on Tuesday and had an appointment with his new cardiologist on Friday. His heart valve seems to be behaving itself for now, but they've scheduled a nuclear stress test for Wednesday -- early morning, no less. He has been having some symptoms lately, so hopefully they'll find out why.

I also had to have another blood test on Monday -- a fasting glucose -- but luckily, it came back normal, so I'm good to go for another 6 months anyway! Seems like this whole month is being taken up with doctoring, lots of anniversary celebrations, birthdays, etc. I did manage to quilt a small quilt that I put together from a stack of blocks I found in stash last month. It's bound and in the stack of quilts I'll give away to family members, or donate to charities. I haven't had much time for much sewing at all the past two weeks, but hopefully will be remedying that soon. Monday night I have guild and next Friday have plans to sew with a friend, so that should help calm things down for me. I need to do some sewing every week, just to center myself, I think.

Our grandchildren are wonderful!
We rode with Kevin & Deb to Wisconsin today -- it's nice not having to drive every time.
Good results on the echo.


Susan said...

Hope all those health issues work out just fine this week! 27 years is a good line time together. Congratulations!

cher said...

oh that adorable Will !!! I just love that age. Always nice to relax once the g-kids go back home :-) hope all goes well with the nuclear stress test-congrats on 27 years! that is so great that you continue to be happy together-a real inspiration.