Saturday, May 17, 2008

Getting Organized

These are the stacks of quilts with backings and bindings that I have ready for the longarm. I think there are 16 quilts, tablerunners, and wall hangings there. I finished the brick wall quilt today -- I just made 9 blocks with sashing -- it's about 43" square. It'll make a nice size table topper. I have two large quilts that I will be buying backings for -- sometime this summer.

After I finished the stitching today, I straightened up my sewing area and put the leftover squares and strips into their appropriate bins. Then I pulled fabrics and cut out 7 butterflies to be appliqued to an oriental-fabric quilt I made years ago. That is now ready to be appliqued. And then in the late afternoon I started cutting scraps. Anything smaller than a fat quarter that I had pulled out for using this week, I started cutting. I'm filling my scrap bags again -- the ones for the specific quilts I want to make: the 16 patch/pinwheel, the broken dishes, the simple four patches and the tumbler quilt. So I'm cutting 5" squares (I do have the first nickel square book and have already made a couple of those quilts, so it won't hurt to add to the collection for another), 4-1/2" tumbler blocks (with a template), 3" squares for the broken dishes to make hst's with, and 2-1/2" and 2" strips and squares. The plan is to finish the stack of fabrics I have on the island cutting table, then do a couple of bags I have of scraps that haven't been sorted. I can only cut for so long before I get really bored with it, but I'd like to get a couple of bags done before I move back to quilting or sewing.

We had a beautiful day today -- I should have been out weeding flower beds or planting flowers, but I stayed in the sewing room all day and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Maybe I can get out there some time next week!

Leftovers for dinner
Steve & Kim found the Brain Tumor Institute's Seminar today very interesting and also met people that are dealing with the same tumor he has. Even one man who has been dealing with it for 21 years! I don't wish a brain tumor on anyone, but it sure was nice to hear that he has survived for 21 years and is doing well.
We have robins with nests on the log ends of each end of the front porch and phoebe's that are looking for a place to put a nest, or has one nearby because they keep flying around the front and back porches.
The bluebirds show up in the late afternoon (I think they're taking a break from their nests!).


Vicki W said...

Wow! You ahve been busy!

Lynn Dykstra said...

Your organization plan sounds like it will make you more productive. It is inspiring!

Journeying said...

Boy - you've gotten a lot done!! I'm impressed.
One bath of wrens has been raised in a backpack on my front porch and I think another nest is about to be built in my hanging petunia basket - but since I love them, I'll let them.

atet said...

Wow, I am really impressed by how much you are getting done. I may even be inspired :0)