Friday, April 11, 2008

No work, lots of play

This first pic is the back of my Christmas Star quilt. I quilted it today and I did the entire quilt freehand with a flower and leaves and ribbon tendrils. Keep in mind I'm still learning, but I think I did a pretty good job on this one. I'm still trying too hard to fill all the spaces and go in different directions, so it's rather heavily quilted. I do love a lot of quilting, but I'm trying to find a happy medium! I stitched the binding on, and just made a label and will stitch it on and sew the binding down this weekend.
The next pic is of the bag I made for Briana yesterday. I used the grocery bag pattern I used before (I think from the Golden Thimble, but I don't have the sheet in front of me). I did use webbing for the handles this time and it went even faster than the last ones.

The next pic is of the block I did for the spring wall hanging today. These blocks are kind of fun to do one day at a time. I did spend some time tracing templates onto freezer paper for the applique blocks in this quilt, too.

And then the last pic is of the two blocks I made for my guild's lottery block drawing. I haven't made any blocks for this drawing in a couple of years, so decided I needed to get back to doing them. I like the diversity of just doing one or two blocks each month. And the possibility of winning enough to make a quilt is always enticing!

Another day of rain and wind, but the grass really turned green overnight -- except for the snow that is forecasted for tomorrow, you might even think spring has arrived!
A whole day to sew -- it was heavenly.


Nines said...

I think you are doing great! It is so easy to quilt a little too densely- I do that, too. I like your sampler blocks- I enjoy doing them one at a time, too- it is kind of relaxing- a little nibble at a time. So glad to hear about your happy news concerning Steve. Isn't God good? Have a blessed weekend- stay out of that snow!

quiltygal said...

love th epurple & green block is it a bears paw variation?
Claire in Aus