Monday, April 07, 2008

April and some more good news

We're already seven days into this month and I'm just getting around to posting the April Calendar! Our beautiful granddaughter will be 10 on the 15th. We're going up to celebrate on Sunday.

I managed to get the house cleaned and some extra work done in the clutter room (still haven't finished the spring cleaning in there!). Still doing laundry -- had a few extra loads this week.
Still have a couple of things on my list for today -- but I think finishing the laundry will be the extent of my work today.

So, on to the good news: Steve & Kim had an appointment with his neurosurgeon in Rockford today. This is the lady that removed the 7 cm mass from his brain on the 29th of December. They brought a copy of the MRI that he just had in Madison on Thursday. Not only was she amazed, but she even said, "this adds years to your life"!!!!! She said there is no sign of the tumor she removed. But even more important to us was the fact that she categorized the spot that we first saw on the MRI in Rockford that was located in the center towards the back of his brain. She said it was not well defined back in December and now it is completely gone!!!! She thinks it was an early tumor, which would have been a stage 1 or 2, not necessarily malignant, and that the radiation/chemo eradicated it altogether! She said we have reason to celebrate (and by no means do we think he is cured -- we know it can grow back at any time, but....) we have reason to celebrate! So, I think we've witnessed a miracle and we sure want to thank everyone that has been praying for us. Also, Steve finishes the first 5 days of the double dose of chemo tonight and he has had no problems at all from it. So, we're celebrating that too! Now the goal is to have the same MRI results every two months for the next 5 years!

We have actually witnessed a miracle.
Talking to Steve on the phone when they left the doctor's office -- he was literally "high on life"!
Reaching out to three friends who all said they had goosebumps!
Thank you, God.


Carol said...

Joanne, I thought yesterday's post was the best news ever but I was is the BEST! I have tears of joy running down my face for your whole family. I truly believe it is a miracle.

Jeanne said...

I love reading good news! I'm so happy for your family and I'll keep praying.

Kristie said...

Reading this just brings tears to my eyes! That is such precious news! Oh, Happy Birthday to your Granddaughter!!! Keep Smiling!

McIrish Annie said...

Joanne, I was thrilled with this news! On my April calendar, the saying is "out of difficulties grow miracles". Now I know that's true!! add me to the goosebump gals!

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Your post gave me goose bumps!!! I am beyond thrilled for Steve and his wife and all you guys!!! I have been reading his blog as I have had time and have been totalllllly amazed by his attitude... Again I am sooooo thrilled for you all!!!!!!

CONNIE W said...

How wonderful for Steve and you & the family. So happy for all of you.

Joyce said...

Yep - goosebumps!! Praising God for the miracle He has done in Steve's life! How wonderful!!