Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Cleaning, Part 2

This week's project was the other half of my sewing area in the clutter room. I did the shelves and left side last week. So today I tackled the right side. And yes, I took everything off the walls and vacuumed the wall and ceiling & beams. And put every individual spool of thread back on the racks and in the printers' drawer! I didn't need to toss much and put everything back where it was mostly. The main job in this room is the floor -- the grout has to be scrubbed with a brush by hand and then sealed. It is a royal pita and is supposed to be done once a year (sealing) -- but I'm pretty sure I didn't get it done last year at all. This is only half of the clutter room, too, so I'll be doing another section next week! (The first two pictures are before and the third one is after! I did spend an hour working on my hand applique after the work was finished today! YAY me!

Yesterday I went up to Steph's and got quality time with her and the boys (Briana is at her mother's for half the spring break time). It was a great day. I haven't been up there since cooky day in December (other than for Christmas and AJ's birthday). It's nice to get away and spend some time with my daughter and grandsons one on one!

We had a great Easter at our house -- I did most of the cooking on Saturday so just had to throw the ham and potatoes in the oven in the morning on Easter. All the kids were here. We go to Madison next Thursday for Steve's MRI and the start of his next phase of chemo.

Things I love: #11. Will loves to watch AJ playing and giggles and laughs at AJ's antics. So fun.

Bill gave JR a bath today -- at my urging -- and now my puppy is all shiny white!
The sewing room is in good shape!
Finding time for hand applique this afternoon.


Angelines Artero said...

My mother teache me: every thing in your place and a place for every thing, your room is perfect now, regard from Spain

Gail said...

Joanne, Boy, it does seem like your cup is running over-the wrong way. Just a work of encouragement (I hope) . My brother was diagnosed with MS more than 20 years ago. He does pretty much as the doctors tell him to do and is still able to be a long distance trucker. People he works with don't know he has a problem unless he tells them, and then they don't believe him. Sometimes it 'flares up' and he is out of commission for a bit, but basically, he lives a normal life.He is now mid 50s and going pretty strong. I wish the same for your DIL

McIrish Annie said...

Joanne, So sorry to hear about Kim. As if you all don't have enough on your plates. You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! Hang tough!

Karen said...

Enjoyed seeing your sewing room. I always look for ideas for mine to make it better than it is now.

Lynn Dykstra said...

I am very impressed--it looks ready to work in!