Saturday, March 08, 2008


Here it is March 8 and I'm just getting around to posting the March calendar picture! Time is flying by -- I must be having fun! NOT!

We are celebrating this weekend -- Steve finished the 6 weeks of radiation and chemo yesterday. Now he gets 4 weeks off before he starts the chemo clinical trial phase. I drove 3 times this week and rode up with Steve & Kim on Friday. We stopped at the Blue Moon in Madison after his appointments for a great greasy bar burger. I ate too much, but what else is new? I haven't exercised in weeks and have managed to gain back most of the weight I've lost in the past few months -- so the diet starts on Monday again!

Today I spent the entire day at a "Creativity Day" organized by a friend in Byron. She organizes this once a year, we rent a large room at the Prairie Center in Byron (which is a Park District facility). We all bring food and whatever we want to work on for the day -- there are quilters, knitters, scrapbookers and various other crafts happening. I worked on my log cabin blocks for my Cabin Fever challenge. It was a great day -- once again spent the day eating! but also sewing, and visiting with friends -- totally unwinding. I hadn't sewn all week because I was too tired to do much of anything after driving each day.

Steve and I have worked on my computer problems this week on our trips! Steve is building me a new computer (he ordered all the parts and called and said it looks like a large jigsaw puzzle -- the motherboard isn't even installed! vbg) My pc is slowly dying, so I've had to move everything over to my laptop and I'm looking forward to having a new pc to work with. I'm also fed up with dialup so will be checking out two possibilities this week -- wireless through the same company I have dialup, and if that won't work out here in the boonies, I'll have to spring for satellite (we have dish network out here, so I know I can get the satellite internet through the same company). Steve and I have decided I need to have a router installed at the same time so I can actually use the laptop anywhere in the house. It's been fun discussing all this during our drives this week -- he always has the answers to my questions. It's nice having your own computer guru! I've really enjoyed our time together over this past two months --- everyone gets so busy with day to day life that we don't take the time to have some one on one with our own grown kids -- I highly recommend it! I hope next week to get up to Steph's because we both miss spending some time together too.

Phase I of radiation/chemo is finished and Steve did really well.
The people at UW Madison have such a positive outlook and are so helpful, it really made everything easier on us.
Bill has been holding down the fort at home this week and even bought a new microwave when ours crashed (I really couldn't drag myself out to shop for one after coming home from Madison on Thursday!)


Carol said...

I so glad to hear that Steve did well witht the treatments and gets a little break now before the next round begins. I am thrilled for the time that you have had to spend together. You are so right, everyone gets busy in their own little corner of the world and we don't get to spend as much time with the people we would love to spend time with.

Jeanne said...

I'm glad to hear that there is a break now for Steve and that he did well with the first batch of chemo. You always find a positive with every situation. (one on one time with Steve) I hope your computer is ready soon and you ditch that dial-up. *S*