Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Snow Day

I had a hair appointment and a dental appointment this morning and lunch scheduled with a friend -- but thanks to the 6 - 8" of snow we got last night -- I had to cancel on all of them. So, here's my rant: Our neighbor and friend came down this morning with the plow blade on the pickup and plowed our drive for us and Bill cleared the upper part of the drive with the snowblower. I prepared to leave an hour early for my first appointment, so at 8:30, I drove out of the drive. Our road has been plowed (keep in mind we live in the country and in a different county that Rockford, but the county just south of Rockford). Two + miles down our road is the intersection with a major two-lane highway (east/west). For the first time ever, our county had actually plowed their portion of this road. But two miles heading east, the next county had not only NOT plowed at all, but the winds had drifted snow on top of the 8 inches already on there. You all of a sudden arrive at this not having a clue it hasn't been done. I very slowly made my way along this road for another two miles -- following in the very deep tire marks of previous adventurers. Until I reached a stopped car in the middle of the road. The woman in front of me could see at the next intersection that 3 or 4 cars were already in the ditches because they slid off the road, or possibly because they hit each other, so she stopped dead in the road! A neighborly man who had come out to get his newspaper was talking to her, then came back and told me what was going on. I decided to give up the ghost, turn around and head back the treacherous way I came, rather than go on and add my car to the ones in the ditches. So I did that, and on my way back I met a snowplow for that county driving through the very high snow WITHOUT HIS BLADE DOWN! AAAARGH!

Anyway -- I made it safely back home and declared it a snow day. Changed my appointments and thanked God I didn't have to drive Steve to Madison today because I would not have been able to get through in time. Which brings me to the pictures I posted (finally!). This is my finished Basketweave quilt -- I finished stitching the binding down today. I freehand quilted it with a leafy vine and tendrils with flowers in the setting triangles and just did a wavy back and forth line in the weave blocks. I'll wash it and it's going into the gift pile when it's dry. That makes another finished ufo for this year! Yay me!

I didn't have to drive Steve so I assume he made it up and back on time today. Steph said their area of WI only got 1-3" of snow or so, so I don't think Madison got as much as we got either.
It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, when I do drive, and I've heard they've finally cleared that area of the two-lane, so I shouldn't have any trouble getting there!


Joan said...

I'm tagging you! I hope you'll accept because I'd love to know more about you, as I've been reading your blog fairly regularly for awhile now. Come to my blog and you can read the rules of the tag.

cher said...

well, a great snow day for you! I agree with your rant...nice try but glad you turned around and stayed safe-better luck tomorrow. A quilt not for anyone specific? great work!
I am still in the thick of making quilts for all sorts of folks-my name in there too :-) Hope the drive with Steve goes smoothly and easily.

The Calico Quilter said...

Whomever gets that gift quilt will be very happy. The quilting is lovely. And, you're a brave person to venture out in the snow. I've been in the southeast too long - don't have my snow-skills anymore!