Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've been sewing!

But first, I was babysitting our grandsons last Saturday! That plastic card is Will's favorite thing to chew on! He refuses to sleep on his back, so I checked on him constantly during his two hour nap!
AJ was an angel, most of the time! vbg He fell asleep on the couch for about two hours in the afternoon, too.

It has been bitterly cold here and we've gotten an additional 9 inches of snow this week (and more to come tomorrow). I did manage to get out on Tuesday and run errands and get my haircut finally -- seems like it's been months since I've been out alone! Had lunch with a friend, too. All in all, a great day.

Yesterday I actually sewed some. I made a "practice" grocery tote bag. I was so ticked off on Tuesday -- I bought groceries and I forget to tell them I prefer paper, so I end up with those lousy plastic bags. On the way from the garage to the house, one tore open and deposited a couple of cans and a couple of bottles of salad dressing onto the concrete floor. Thank heavens the bottles were plastic. Anyway -- I decided now was the time to make the grocery totes I've been thinking about making for a couple of months! I used the pattern at and made one yesterday with a few idiot mistakes (might help if I actually read the pattern). Then we had to take JR in to the vet for his first after-surgery checkup. So, when we got back, I cut out 6 more bags and folded and pressed the straps. Today, I stitched up all 6 bags (took me all day, too!). And here they are:

I am pleased with the finished products. But now I need to go back and put the borders on my Carolina Crossroads mystery quilt!

Things I love:
5. Watching babies sleep.

JR is doing well, hopefully next week he'll get the stitches out and the cone off!
Lunch with a friend.
Steve's positive attitude.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

How lucky for you and the boys to live so close to each other. Little Boy's Omi is all the way in Austria and we have been away for just over a year now... They are cutie pies, the both of them!

Love your bags! You have such pretty fabrics!!! Will check out the pattern.



Carol said...

You'll have the best bags in the whole grocery store. Glad JR is doing will be so much better without the cone. We didn't have to do the cone for Zack...we kept him coated in Bitter Apple yuck and he left it alone.

Kristie said...

The little ones are so cute! They are so precious!

I love your new grocery bags! Very nice idea, I may have to try a few of them.

atet said...

Your grandsons are adorable!

Love those grocery totes. I've been meaning to make some myself, I really need to get to work on that!

Rabbit Stitchings said...

I am so glad you posted your grocery totes! I have been meaning to make myself some too. I even bought some denim for them then, well I forgot I was going to do it till I saw yours! They really are such a great idea to help save the land fills all those bazillion plastic bags!

Pam said...

Last year I purchased some prints to make backpacks...then changed my mind but stuck the fabric away in case I needed something a bit heavier for another project that I knew would come along at some point...Tuesday night Ed mentioned that we needed a couple more canvas grocery bags...tonight I see the pattern link posted on your blog......LOL LOL

That AJ, he always puts a smile on my face!!


Bren said...

Oh my Will has gotten so big. I remember all the prayers that went up to keep him where he belonged until it was safe to come out!!
We all put our babies on their tummys to sleep until they said it was unsafe. I think if he can roll over by himself, it was fine. It is more of an issue with newborns I think. But Grandma will always be safe!
AJ is a cutie!

The Quilter said...

Very snazzy grocery bags! All of us boring people have plain canvas ones! LOL
Your grandsons are adorable.

Shelina said...

These bags are great! Certainly will be great to take them shopping with you. It was on the news how Whole Foods was going to stop using plastic bags and encouraging other stores to do the same.

cher said...

always love grands photos...yours are too adorable-nothing is more precious than spending time with them. We use our collection of bought cloth grocery bags-you know Oregon! land of the green thinking in my area anyway-glad though to see you follow through and inspire others! looking forward to seeing your CC with borders on.

Carol E. said...

Oh, the boys are adorable! I love watching babies sleep, too.

Dawn said...

Awesome grocery bags!