Thursday, November 15, 2007

Something different

I was going to write my usual mundane quilting/everyday life blog piece tonight, but I've been inspired to write something totally different.

About 8 or 9 years ago, the local NBC station (Rockford, IL), promoted a young woman to evening news co-anchor. Her name was Heather Pick and she was like a breath of fresh air -- the first anchor in this area that was so totally at ease in front of the camera, it was like having her at your dinner table talking about the news. We watched her as she got engaged and married. And then, when she was 29, she discovered a lump in her breast and we watched her announce the cancer results on the news also. We watched her go through the chemo and losing her hair and wearing a wig, and growing her hair back and she even did a story on her own reconstructive surgery. And, then she had a baby girl. It was wonderful watching her go through these life changes because she was a natural in front of the camera. And then, Columbus, Ohio snatched her up and there has been no one that can even hold a candle to her in Rockford.
Three years ago there was a short blurb in the Rockford paper saying that Heather had had another child, a boy, and right after found out the cancer was back, and had spread to her bones. I remember the article quoted her as saying she'd lived a good life (and she was only 34).
Haven't heard anything about her since til today. The Rockford paper had another article on her -- she's now 37, her cancer "remains inoperable and incurable but now isn't life threatening" - whatever that means. Her daughter is 6, her son is 3. The article goes on to say "Today, Pick is continuing to push boundaries, stretching her zest for life while helping others". She has recently recorded several vocal tracks on a 13-track CD, "Circle of Support". "All proceeds from the CD go to "A Christmas to Cure Cancer", a group that raises money to support cancer programs through donations in exchange for CDs and through benefit concerts throughout the year".
I just ordered a couple of the CD's at
For those of you in the Columbus, Ohio area, Heather is on Channel WBSN-10 -- she's the morning and noon anchor. She's terrific and very inspiring.

I'm grateful that Heather is still hanging in there and praying she'll be around to raise her kids.


McIrish Annie said...

there is nothing sadder than when cancer hits a vibrant young person. I hope and pray that Heather continues to live life to the fullest. We don't realize how blessed we are when we are in good health!

hope you have a great weekend. thanks for sharing that story.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder and update on Heather Pick. I used to watch her when I was at the parents house in Freeport and she had fallen off my radar. Glad that she is doing quite well.


Bren said...

I remember Heather Pick. I did not know any of this about her though...I will check out the CD and add her family to my prayer list!

Jeanne said...

She sounds like a real inspiration! I'm happy to hear she is defying the odds and continuing to work, too. Thank you for sharing the story.

PinkMonkeyReading said...

Hi, I am one of those fortunate ones who watch Heather Pick every morning on Channel 10 in Columbus, Ohio. I have noticed that she has not been on air for the past 3 weeks and have been very concerned for her. We have been praying for her - knowing her condition. She is well respected and loved in this area and continue to pray for her health!

Anonymous said...

I too love to watch Heather and wondered where she is. I 'googled' her and found a link to WBNS-TV's website where Chuck Strickler explains she is taking some time off to be with her family. There is a comment from her dated October 1, 2008 as well as a video you can watch. God Bless her and watch over her and her family. She is such a sweet little lady.