Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Life sure gets in the way of quilting sometimes. I don't think I've touched my machines except to dust them in the past week. No stitching at night, nada. Babysat the grandsons Saturday night, spent the night, came home Sunday - tired. Watched the Bears game (I'm a diehard Bears fan, what can I say). Watched Devon Hester try numerous run-backs which failed, and fell asleep when he actually did run the kick-off back for a TD! Arrrrrggghhh!
Monday was cleaning and laundry day and I also tried on a few dresses from my closet. We're going on a cruise in a few weeks and there are two cocktail/evening dress nights. Tried on the Mother-of-the-Bride dress for DD's wedding 4 years ago -- could get it on but look like a stuffed sausage. Have one in my closet I can wear. Tuesday I bought another -- basic black that fits but I wouldn't call it my "little" black dress. So, as of Monday I'm on a diet for real. I'm also back to the treadmill and setting up a weight training program. I've known for a long time that I needed to lose some weight (and really, it's not that much, but it sure has repositioned itself!), but trying on the dresses was the breaking point. Now I'm motivated. (Should have tried the dresses on a year ago! LOL) BTW -- this website is totally free and totally motivating for anyone wanting to drop a few pounds: www.sparkpeople.com

On to the quilty stuff. I picked this quilt up from a friend last week. Her sewing group is making baby quilts for the pediatric ward at one of the local hospitals and I told her I'd quilt them for her. So I pinned it on yesterday afternoon and quilted it with the Hearts A Flutter panto and gave it back to her last night.

The plan for today is to pin the latest Heartstrings quilt to the frame and quilt it. I have a lot of projects going at once, so finishing is good.

AJ was an angel this weekend which helped a lot in taking care of Will. Will had a bit of a gas problem for a couple of hours which was finally resolved for all our sakes! vbg
My treadmill and weight bench (I should have been on speaking terms a lot sooner!).


Judy S. said...

A cruise! How delightful. Maybe you will reposition that weight in time to wear the mother of the bride dress yet. I really hate what's happened in the last couple of years - Retirement + aging (60 in 2 more months) is just a recipe for repositioning. =)

Cute little quilt. Someone will be lucky to have it. It's nice to have a little luck come your way when you are in the hospital

Susan said...

Sorry, that was me. I forgot to sign out after helping Judy with her blog.

cher said...

great little quilt-looking forward to seeing the heartstrings one next. I hear you on the back to the work out routine! Know that I also am working on losing a few more pounds too.