Saturday, October 06, 2007

A little bit quilty

AARRRGH! I just finished typing an entire post and blogger threw it away on me. So, I go back to the saved post and all it has are the pictures I uploaded. Double aaaarrrgh! Guess I'll try again.
What I started to say today was that I tried to convince myself that it is really anal to switch between projects in one day when I could finish one before going to the next. But, I couldn't convince myself of that fact. I detest putting borders on a quilt, so I told myself I'd put one border on the QFAH quilt and then move on to something else. Well, I did put two borders on, but left the last two for another day. I've been dying to get my jacket cut out, so I did that today. I bought the pattern from Primitive Gatherings at the Chicago show last April. It's really a simple jacket, which is why I love it. I wanted to get it finished before fall, but never managed to find the time. Now fall is here, but it was 90 degrees outside today and I have the a/c back on, so thought there's no time like the present and hopefully I can finish it before I really need it.
It has flying geese flying down the sleeves, so I also pieced those after I cut all the fabrics and batting.
In between the borders and the flying geese, I've been piecing a basketweave quilt via leaders/enders. This is the pattern from Bonnie's quiltville site, except I'm making mine 6½" squares. I finished four more today -- I've been taking the paper off at the end of the day so I only have to work on a few at a time. I have 8 finished so far. These are using the strings I sorted from that first bag of scraps a couple of weeks ago. I'll make up as many basketweave blocks as I can from the strings, then start another leader/ender from one of the other scrap quilts I sorted and then when I get a chance I'll sort another bag of scraps to replenish the supplies!
I also made up another of the blocks for the Midnight Silhouette quilt. I like doing these blocks one at a time.
I'm glad I didn't listen to myself today and worked on a few different projects -- it makes the tedious ones go faster and the rest of the day is more enjoyable.
Kevin & Deb took us out for dinner last night -- wonderful food and company. Their addition on the house is coming along nicely.
Bill used the excuse that his eye doctor doesn't want him driving at night to let me drive home last night -- it's his way of acknowledging that his eyesight is not good at night without me having to argue with him.

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cher said...

I like all these various projects you worked on today Joanne! nothing beats playing with the scraps and watching quilts grow-I am glad you worked on your jacket too-can't wait to see how it looks!