Saturday, June 23, 2007

Update on the Baby

So far, Will is staying where he belongs. The two doctors' appointments didn't tell us much, except the measurements taken last week were the same, so that was a good sign. Late Tuesday afternoon, her ob-gyn decided she could be on bed rest - light duty -- meaning she can stand long enough to fix dinner. She has two more appointments this Tuesday, and hopefully she'll be off bed rest. She is taking it easy -- she sat in the swing in the backyard and watched the kids play most of Tuesday afternoon. I managed to do a quick clean of her house, about 6 loads of laundry (most of which was baby clothes -- this kid will be well-dressed, as are AJ and Briana!). I came home late Tuesday night totally exhausted.

We're having quiet time here, making pictures with beads that then get ironed to melt them together. That's mommy's elbow in the background -- she's ironing the latest creation.

Wednesday I spent cleaning my own house and then had to run to the store and get gas and also went to the car-wash as the car really needed it. Got the errands done and was headed home, stopped at a 4-way stop intersection when I was rear-ended by a pickup truck. No one was hurt, but I wasn't a happy camper -- I just paid money to have the car washed! LOL The kid that hit me was only 16. He wanted to pay for the damage with cash so he didn't have to turn it into the insurance company -- however, I called the sheriff's police and got a written report. I'm pretty sure he got a ticket, and I'm sorry about that, but so far, I have $1734 worth of damage to my back end and trunk. And, the auto body place said the insurance adjuster didn't allow for the trunk lid, so I'm sure it'll be more. Plus, it'll take a week to get it fixed and I have to rent a car for the week, so I'm thinking it'll be closer to $2k or more. The kid was a real nice kid, real polite, and had just gotten off work at his part-time job fixing lawn mowers. I really did feel bad for him. But now I have to drive a wrecked car until July 9 when I take it in to get it fixed. It was good that no one was hurt, but it really is a big inconvenience -- especially if I need to go back to Steph's. And I spent all of Thursday and half of Friday dealing with his insurance and taking the car to the auto body place. I did however stop at the lqs on the way home Friday and bought a deep red fabric for the border on my Twinklers leader/ender quilt. I hope to work on it tomorrow.
Thursday afternoon I finished quilting Steph's sister-in-law's quilt, and didn't like the borders I did, so spent the past three days picking stitches out of it. But today I finished it completely, without doing anything to the borders -- I think they look all right without stitching -- a little puffy like parts of the center because I used 3 oz polyester batting. Didn't manage to finish it in time for the baby though -- Elizabeth Ann arrived two days ago! But it's washed and ready to be wrapped and brought up there. I took this pic late this afternoon. (I put a practice quilt on the swing first so it wouldn't get dirty! The nine-patches just have diagonal lines stitched on them. The hearts were all hand appliqued. It's backed with pink flannel and even has the label on! Yay me!

I finished Will's quilt on Thursday while waiting for the insurance guy, too. Just got it washed and dried, so I'll get a picture tomorrow.

And that's pretty much what my life has been like this week! I think Steph's going to be okay and Will will probably go full-term just for fun, although Steph would really like to have him 7-7-07!


I'm grateful no one was hurt in the accident (the kid was grateful he didn't hit a grouchy old lady! LOL)

I'm glad to be catching up at home this weekend. Today would have been my mom's 87th birthday. I had planned to go to the cemetary, but it was cool, rainy and cloudy all day and I decided I'll go Monday or Tuesday instead - I needed to spend my day quilting!

I've lost 4 pounds so far! But I really need to work on losing inches.


Screen Door said...

Your life's been busy.. I guess that's what it's all about. I'm glad you're OK from the accident and you even maintained a sense of humor. Four pounds... I'm jealous...Our prayers are with Steph and the baby.. Tell her to hang on... she's diapering and feeding and rocking and not lifting a finger...

anne bebbington said...

Gosh Joanne your life is so busy at the moment helping your family wait for the birth without having a bump in the car on top - thankfully you were okay but the aggravation is just what you don't need right now - hope the little one stays comfy in there until his allotted time :o)