Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Flowers and Life

This lily is called 'America' and it is one of my favorites. The deep red color is really eye-catching. It's another hybrid lily.

And this is a Japanese Iris that I planted in the big bed that I haven't finished weeding! I just saw it blooming this afternoon and had to get the picture.
On to life: I've been staying at my daughter's since Wednesday night. I went up there Wednesday morning, came home Wednesday afternoon and went back Wednesday night (boy was I tired of traveling that day). Steph is 32 weeks pregnant (out of 40), and when they tested her Wednesday morning, they determined that she was having contractions (not that she could feel though). So, they slapped her in the hospital for two nights and monitored her. For the most part, they managed to stop the contractions, but she is on bed rest for at least two weeks. Baby Will weighs 4 lbs, 2 oz, and they want him to stay where he's at for another two weeks or more. Aaron is home on the weekends, so he's taking care of her now. I'll go back up Monday morning, take her to the doctor, do whatever else needs to be done, spend the night, take her to the specialist on Tuesday morning, do whatever else needs to be done, and probably come home late Tuesday afternoon or evening. Briana can help out with AJ and do minor chores. And Stephanie's mother-in-law will be available for anything major. (Aaron drives for UPS, so he works long hours). They can also count on the neighbors in emergencies. But, I'm sure I'll be going back up as needed. It's an hour and a half drive from our house -- so we've got the bases covered quickly from up there and I can run up and take over when needed.

So that's my week in a nutshell! Got home last night and today I finished quilting Will's quilt and have sewn the binding on, just need to hand stitch it down. I also pinned the next baby quilt on the longarm, but not sure when I'll be able to quilt it. This one will be for Aaron's sister, who is due in a week. But, she went a week over on her last pregnancy, so if she does again, I might get it done!


They've stopped the contractions for now.

Bill - he's my rock and holds down the fort while I'm gone.

AJ - what an imagination that child has. He can be a pistol, but he can be a cherub, too!


Pieces From Me said...

JT, I wondered where you went. You went MIA! So glad they stopped the contractions. I will be praying for your daughter and for baby Will. Make sure we get to see pics of his new quilt all finished. What a treat to come home to those beautiful flowers. The Lilies are spectaculor! I am close enough that if you ever need anything, please let me know. Bren

Patti said...

Sending lots of postitive thoughts your way for the health of your daughter and the baby, and hoping the little one stays in place now until all is well for coming into the world.

Jeanne said...

Hugs to you!

anne bebbington said...

beautiful flowers and sending lots of good thoughts to keep that baby in there for a bit longer

Carol E. said...

Your lilies are stunning!!! Best wishes to you, your daughter, and the soon-to-be baby. Hope all goes well.

Shelina said...

I have two nieces - one is named Iris and one is named Lily, and you managed to picture both in your post!
I wish your daughter and baby the best of health.