Friday, February 23, 2007

The first official finish!

Baby Rails with Attitude is finished. It is officially the first quilt completely quilted on the longarm. (I finished Gratitudes for Bill on the machine, but started it on my Bernina; and Happy Days isn't finished!) I stitched the binding down while waiting for Bill's tests to be done on Wednesday (everything is fine). I haven't put a label on this quilt yet -- this one is for my new grandbaby and I want to wait til we find out it's a girl (think pink!).

Been playing catch up a bit around the house this week. Still have a whole bunch of paperwork to catch up on, but it'll be there tomorrow, right?! Mostly, I've been trying to clear the decks so I can sew all weekend. I haven't done anything on the Hour A Day quilt and I have another BOM block to put together. Quilt guild was a bust on Monday -- we stayed long enough for the program (which wasn't that great), and then my friend got sick, so we had to leave. I hope we can stay for the whole meeting next month -- we have a new president this year and I think she has some great ideas and enough energy to get people psyched up again. I did give her a printout of the Heartstrings project, but didn't get to stay long enough to find out if anyone is interested.

We're supposed to get some "weather" this weekend: anywhere from an ice storm, sleet, 6 - 12 inches of snow or rain! Another reason I want to quilt all weekend. Donated blood platelets this morning, then stopped at the car wash and got the past month's worth of salt off the car, picked up some groceries and I'm good to go for the weekend -- hibernation here I come!

Bill's stomach pain has subsided. Results of polyps and spot biopsies won't be ready for 10 days, but doctor wasn't concerned at all about them.
No line at the car wash at noon.
Roast chicken for dinner -- already in the oven and fixing itself.
Clearing the slate for a quilty weekend.


quiltpixie said...

love this quilt pattern!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I love it, and the quilting looks great. Thinking pink. There is a lady near me that rents time on her longarm. The first time you go she gives you an instruction session, then you go for it! Do you think from your experiences that it might take a bit longer than that to get it right?

Vicki W said...

That's a really pretty quilt! Did you do your quilting freehand or using a pantograph?

Sweet P said...

I love the colors and design of your Baby Rails quilt. Great job on the quilting. I'll hope for a girl for you.

Fiona said...

That is such a pretty quilt, just perfect for a baby - I'm crossing my fingers and thinking pink!

Tazzie said...

Ohhh, that is such a pretty quilt, I love the 30's prints.

anne bebbington said...

That's a really lovely quilt pattern - I love rail fence but those HSTs lift it to another level altogether

Shelina said...

Congratulations on a big finish on a beautiful quilt. Great attitude on a rail fence. I haven't seen this pattern before, but I really like it! You did a great job selecting the fabric and doing the quilting too.