Saturday, January 06, 2007

Quilting Mental Health Day

Yesterday my quilt buddy and I took a mental health day. We spent 5 hours talking, eating, visiting a couple of our favorite lqs, and exchanging our Christmas gifts that we put aside back in December during the crazy time. Blogger is refusing to let me upload a picture tonight -- so I'll have to try tomorrow.
I bought 3 yards of background fabric and 6 plaid FQ's, and a new punchneedle book. Didn't feel the need to go hog wild -- just enjoyed the day.

Today was spent putzing around in the sewing room -- made a few more Depression Blocks, squaring up as I went. I'm trying to get back into the habit of squaring up the blocks and parts of blocks -- I tend to get sloppy and fudge alot when piecing, especially a scrappy quilt, so I'm re-training myself. I also got out an old leader/ender project and am now piecing the parts together as the next step between the Depression Blocks. Hopefully, I'll have a stack of finished blocks when the Depression quilt top is finished.

A quilt buddy that understands stopping for a hot fudge sundae in the middle of the afternoon.
An understanding husband.
The spring-like weather in the middle of winter.
Young guys to come and haul a table out of the basement for us. They just wanted a tour of the house (log home) as payment!


Dawn said...

ooo - sounds like you had a fun day! I can't wait until my friend gets back from Florida and we can go out to lunch and do that! (Long story but she has been gone since last spring but will be back by end of the month!)

Dona said...

Definitly a fun day and hot fudge sundae's to boot. Yum, Yum

Screen Door said...

Putzing sounds fun.... I need to do a little picking up and I think that is the next thing on the list... Sounds like you and your friend had a ball.

Sweet P said...

Quilting mental health days are always a lot of fun. I haven't had one with a friend for a couple months, I guess I'm due one now. I've seen a lot of quilters talk about Depression blocks, but I don't recall seeing one so I'm anxious a picture of your blocks. Thanks!