Monday, January 15, 2007

More practicing

Today I tried two different pantographs. This is the second one called Frisky Feathers from Willow Leaf Studios (that I bought last year). The first one is by Linda V. Taylor and came with the Gammill -- but I really don't like the pattern of it. Anyway -- I have new found respect for those longarmers that do pantos well. It is NOT easy following the laser light and trying to keep it on the line, especially around some of the curves. Some of my curvy lines are a little flat -- but not bad for a first timer. I'm only working about an hour a day on the longarm -- at least until I take the first class. And, I think I'll try to roll the quilt and add another row to the panto I did today -- getting it lined up and all. I may just do panto after panto after panto til I get it down pat. There is just so much to learn and I want to learn everything well. And yet, I'm itching to actually quilt a quilt -- but I think I'll wait til I build a little confidence.

I didn't do any sewing today, but I did get to the bottom of the stack of quilt magazines and papers that were spread all over the floor. I've filled one 3" binder and have started on the second and think I might need to buy more binders and sleeves. I've started on the quilt magazines that are in the closet in magazine holders -- have a large stack waiting by my chair in the living room. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it's still a ways away!


The kids made it home yesterday for birthdays and back home before the sleet/snow started.

Guild was cancelled tonight because of the weather (quilt buddy and I were not going to try it in the snowstorm, so glad they cancelled and will reschedule the program that we really didn't want to miss).

Leftovers for dinner -- easy to reheat and less mess to clean up.


ForestJane said...

Looks good to ME! I think you've got to realize that things are going to show up much worse on plain cloth than on patterned fabric. You are doing GREAT, for the short amount of time you've had it!

Mary said...

Frisky Feathers is one of my new favorites - that what I used on the Hourglass Strings I finished up this past week. Pantographs take a little practice but they're easy after that.

YankeeQuilter said...

I miss havin snow days so I have an excuse to stay in and quilt! Your machine quilting is coming along really nice.

debby said...

Your quilting is coming along great!

Screen Door said...

The quilting looks beautiful to me. I think you are your own worst critic...I'm so glad you are sharing with us. I feel like I'm learning to machine quilt right with you. I look forward to hearing from you everyday.

Dawn said...

I think it looks great for just starting! Oh what fun to play!

cher said...

lucky you to have this machine to play on-you seem to realize just what you need to focus on...good!