Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dividing my Time

There is so much to learn on the longarm that I get overwhelmed and end up playing mostly freehand. I did play with the gam guides a little yesterday. Then I spent 15 minutes in the sewing room putting the Depression blocks together. I have 2½ strips together -- should be able to finish the strips today and maybe put the top together completely.

My plan for the longarm today is taking off the first practice piece and pinning on a new sandwich. And learning to do pantos. This will be covered in the class I'm scheduled to take on Feb 5, but I need to learn things one at a time and practice, practice, practice!

In between all that, I need to vacuum the main floor, bake a cake and run to the bank/store -- the kids will be here tomorrow to do birthdays.


Having the time to learn how to run the longarm.

Having my menus made up ahead of time -- it really is such a timesaver to know ahead of time what to fix for dinner (and actually having the meat thawed - vbg).

We're finally getting winter here -- not that I like cold, sleet, snow, etc -- but it is so nice to sit inside and quilt in the wintertime.


Shelina said...

It's always fun to play with something new. Take the time to enjoy the process, and don't expect perfection from the get-go.

Helen said...

It's looking good (both the quilt top and the quilting)!

Tazzie said...

Your depression blocks are so nice, I plan to make some myself some day. How fun to be playing with the longarm. The work you've been doing already looks nice. You're going to be buzzing along in no time!

Sweet P said...

I love your Depression blocks. I think I've said that before. But I really think I'll be making some of these blocks later this year.

Isn't it fun to play with a new machine? Your quilting is looking good.

quiltpixie said...

enjoy the new "toy" :-)

Dawn said...

I bet your enjoying your new baby! What you showed so far is looking great! Have lots of fun with it!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Your quilting is looking fabulous!!! Keep at it!

Your gratitude about thawed meat made me smile - my very 1st Thanksgiving dinner years ago - no one told me it took 3 days to thaw out a 20 lb frozen turkey - and, being from a huge family, I had no idea that 20 lbs was waaay too much for 2 people anyway! We ended up going to friends, LOL!



Judy said...

Looks like you are doing a fabulous job so far!! Did you get a stitch regulator on it?