Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Good Day

Bill had a good day, he moved some brush from the woods to the burn pile (he has a large tractor with a loader on it, so he doesn't do all the work). And then he went down to the neighbor's to visit.

I had an excellent day -- quilt shop for our bom, (bought some baby flannel to back my Baby Rails with Attitude quilt -- at 15% off), lunch at our favorite sandwich place - Mary's Market, stopped at the grocery store and just plain had a good old-fashioned gabfest with my quilt buddy, Jackie.

And then I came home and played on the machine. Did a third row of the pantograph -- need lots of practice on that and need to learn to line them up better -- so will wait til the class to do any more. Then I practiced feathers -- I have never been able to do feathers well, so this is an area I am going to practice til I can do them in every direction, up, down and sideways. vbg I'm almost to the end of this practice piece and the bobbin is about to run out, so I quit for the day -- but I feel good about getting the time in. I also cleaned and oiled the machine and still have a few oil drips, so need to use a bit less oil in certain areas! It's all a matter of getting the feel of the machine, I think. Sometimes I feel impatient with myself and want to put a quilt on and have at it, and then other times I just want to practice, practice, practice before I go near a quilt. I think I'll do the latter!


Bill's feeling better and I'm not panicking today.

New soup to try tonight from Harry & David, Garden Vegetable or something like that. I bought some crusty sourdough bread to go with it.

We're going to be getting snowed in this weekend -- the Bears play (and hopefully win), and I'm going to sew and quilt.


ForestJane said...

I'm glad he's feeling better, and not only better, but good enough to be out doing yard work!

A snowy afternoon quilting sounds nice to me too, as long as it doesn't stick on the roads. :)

Screen Door said...

I'm so thankful Bill is on the mend. I'm completely fascinated with your progress on the quilt machine. Sorry, though, my alliances are to my home state of Louisiana. Even Don and I were saying-- we don't wish the weekend away, but we're looking forward to football on Sunday...
'When the Saints go marching in....'

Carol said...

It is so fun to watch your progress with your machine. I am fascinated. Enjoy your snowed in day...I'll be in Chicago on Tuesday for the week to see my grandbaby...I just know this Florida girl is going to FREEZE :) but it will be worth it.

JudyL said...

Oh, don't be impatient with yourself. It takes a lot of effort to get those feathers the way you want them. Mine continue to get better but I had some really horrendous feathers for quite a while.

Don't give up!

Judy L.

Dawn said...

Your feathers look wonderful!

Shelina said...

So glad Bill is better. I continue to be amazed at the energy both of you have.

Your practice quilting looks wonderful. Are you going to bind them and send them away for charity quilts?