Friday, December 29, 2006

Ringing in the New Year

This quilt is called "Baby Rails with Attitude". It was a pattern from Quilter magazine, I believe. I used almost every scrap of the 30's fabrics I bought at our guild show in October. I finished the top on Christmas Eve -- it went together really easy and I really like the quilt. It's about 45 x 49, and it will be for our new Grandchild due in August.

I spent an hour at the doctor's office this morning only to find that the problem with my "underneath quilting" finger is just more arthritis and probably a high degree of inflammation. All I know for sure is that it hurts and I can't hand quilt with it! So, tomorrow I start on some new high-dose prednisone type stuff for a week -- hopefully that will take care of the problem. I can live with stiff fingers -- all my other ones are anyway but they don't really hurt, this one does!

I've been thinking about my New Year's Resolutions for at least the last month. I try to make realistic ones -- yeah, I'd like to finish every ufo I have, but that's not going to happen in one year even if I worked on nothing but ufo's! I posted them on the right (hopefully!). I can combine a couple -- like learning everything I can on the longarm with finishing the 12 tops -- I think I probably have close to 12 finished tops, but if not, I will! I'm looking forward to doing more of Judy's Hour a Day quilts -- it's nice to use up stash and fun to work along with others in Blogland. I want to actually do a couple of Bonnie's scrap quilts with my already cut scrap strips -- I love most of the ones on her site, but have only done the Pineapple Blossom. I have a few different leaders/enders projects started (because I get bored doing the same ones), so I want to finish at least one of those. And I want to do at least 15 minutes a day of quilt related things -- getting organized enough that I just need to go in and sit down and sew or quilt. I'll be counting getting everything organized in the 15 minutes a day -- sometimes you just need to clean everything off to get something new started.

I'm not dieting anymore -- I spent months losing 10 pounds, gained it all back plus some when Bill was sick. I'm only going to work on exercising every day -- when I stop exercising, I start gaining, so the key for me is getting on that treadmill everyday, or lifting weights.

I'm trying to plan my menus at least a week in advance -- it is so much nicer to know what I'm fixing for dinner in the morning instead of throwing something together at the last minute. Tonight I'm trying a new to me recipe -- Winter Beef Stew from the 2007 Kraft Foods Calendar for January.

So, those are my ideas for the new year. I need to go up and spend my 15 minutes today counting and recording my ufo's -- I've accepted the UFO Challenge for 2007 on Dusting Your Stash on Yahoo, so I need to have a baseline!

Hope everyone has a Happy, Healthy New Year.

1. Having a good relationship with my doctor -- he knows he can tease me and we can both laugh about it. (And I can tease him also!)
2. Looking forward to 2007 with anticipation and not dread.
3. Stopping at the local pharmacy for the first time and being pleasantly surprised by the caring attitude of the pharmacists.
4. Having a menu planned.


Norma said...

I love this quilt--and what a fabulous name--baby rails with attitude! I like your comment about setting realistic goals--no point in setting ourselves up for something we know we just can't achieve in the year. I too would like to finish every UFO I have--not going to happen this year! *LOL*

anne bebbington said...

That is a lovely quilt Joanne - I'm a bog fan of rail fence, it always works out beautifully but those sawtooths (should that be sawteeth? who knows!) lift it to a greater height still - it looks lovely in those 30s prints

anne bebbington said...

Sorry that should have read big fan - duhhh!

McIrish Annie said...

what an awesome baby quilt! it is really pretty but not too sugary sweet. definitely has attitude.

i think your goals are realistic and attainable! good luck

Angie said...

I love how that quilt turned out! I noticed the pattern when I got the magazine, and thought what a difference those little sawteeth make. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan to me. The quilt is gorgeous - a pattern I'll definitely have to do some time :-)

Bonnie said...

Wonderful quilt!

ForestJane said...

That turned out cute!

I really like the spots of the darker red in with the pastels, it gives a nice spark to the pattern.

Patti said...

The baby quilt is wonderful! I've always really liked that pattern for stashbusting. One of these days I'll get it made too - I hope. It looks super in the 30's colors.

I have a lot of arthritis in my fingers, to the point where I was having trouble hand quitling. A quilter friend suggested I get a copper ring for each finger that hurts - she wears four simple copper rings. I asked the orthopedic surgeon who operated on my had a few years ago and he said it certainly couldn't hurt. The chiropractor said they know it works -they just don't know why. So I got a copper ring for both thumbs and the first two fingers on my right hand. Couldn't believe the difference - the pain was gone almost immediately. I've worn them for three years now and swear by them. Needlework no longer makes my hands hurt, and the joint deformity progression on my hands has slowed to almost nothing. I bought my rings for $2 each at an outside craft market in Portland Oregon.

Libby said...

Love the new quilt -- we all need at least one with attitude *s*

I'm not big on resolutions, but I like the idea of planning a weekly menu. I used to do this back in when we had to strictly adhere to a budget. It really makes life a lot less complicated for everyone to know what's coming up and 'get in the mood' for today's meal.

Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about your finger. I hope the stuff helps.

And WOW - that Baby Rails with Attitude is Wonderful! What a fun idea! I never thought to do rails like that! I"ve got to save this idea! I love it! And your 30's fabric makes it adorable!

quiltpixie said...

love the quilt! the idea of making a more "complicated" strip is definately one I'll tuck away.... Hope your finger "smartens up" quickly.

Mary said...

Very cute quilt - I remember seeing this one in the magazine too.

I see you have your goals already set - I'm sure the new longarm will help you meet at least part of them - have fun with it.

Betty J in OKC said...

I've got arthritis in my joints and my dr's trying to prevent it from getting into my fingers. She said to keep on quilting and doing other handwork, to keep my fingers nimble. They hurt badly if I skip my Arthritis meds. I hope your new meds work for you. I can't imagine having A. in all my fingers.

Shelina said...

That is a wonderful quilt. Hope your quilting finger heals up quickly - the inflammation, and stops causing you any more trouble. Your plans for the new year sound great, I haven't even thought of mine. Good luck, and happy new year!