Saturday, December 30, 2006

Getting Ready for the New Year

I put up Tulip Farm and took down my Christmas Quilt today.

Then I spent the afternoon working on one of my resolutions: to finish one of the leaders/enders quilts I have started. So I finished making hst's for one of the Depression Block quilts I started and then sorted the rest for the second Depression Block quilt! The first will be with lights and will be 30 blocks, the second will be with the tans as backgrounds and there will be 22 blocks (so probably only use 20 of them and put the hst's back into the scrap basket. Tomorrow I hope to start putting some of the blocks together.

We got a new digital camera from our kids for Christmas this year -- a tiny, Nikon Coolpix P2 -- with 1 gigabyte card in it. It is even WiFi capable (which means if I had the capability, I could just unload the camera onto the laptop wirelessly - but I don't have a wireless network set up or broadband internet service, for that matter!). But the picture above was taken with the new camera -- and so was the last picture of the Baby Rails quilt. I like it -- pretty cool, but I still need to learn everything about it!
Dinner tonight was from a soup mix my niece sent from Harry & David's. It was Tomato, Basil with White Beans. And, it was excellent. I think Bill liked it -- he had two bowls full. And, we have enough left over for another meal later next week.
I was able to pull all the hst's for the Depression Block quilts easily from fabric baskets on the sewing tables and start right in on it. That is so much nicer than having to do a search and destroy mission!
Keith Urban's new cd kept me company while I sewed today -- it's a good cd.
The new camera is fun to use and so tiny!
Nice dinner tonight again -- because I planned it ahead of time.


Dawn said...

Oh how fun! A new camera! I'm hoping for one someday soon - which in my world soon could be 2 years or so! But mine is at least still working.

I always have loved your Tulip Farm quilt!

Susan said...

I love my digital camera. My husband bought the big Nikon D50, but I went for a little Kodak, and I've taken 12,000 pics with it! I think digital photography is amazing.

I love both this picture and the baby rails.
I look forward to seeing the depression one.

Tazzie said...

I love love love your tulip quilt. I wouldn't be sad about taking decorations down if I knew I had a quilt like that to take their place!

Quilterin said...

Joanne, your tulip quilt is wonderful! Would like to have one.

Helen said...

Joanne, I love that tulip quilt. It is just gorgeous. Can you tell me what a "leaders/enders" quilt is?

Helen from NZ

Screen Door said...

I go the same cd for Christmas. The Tulip quilt is one of those that just make you feel better looking at it. Cheery. Don's got me a new wireless set up ordered. It's supposed to be in on Tuesday...

May Britt said...

I love tulips and this quilt is sooooooo beautiful. I would love to make one like. Where can i find this pattern??? Happy new sewing year to you.

Carrie said...

What a beautiful quilt, I love it!

Happy New Year!
God bless :)

Gail said...

Your tulip quilt is terrific-just right for keeping the happy mood at home.