Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finally, a finish

Quilted it on Friday and yesterday got the binding stitched down and the hanging sleeve on -- it is a finished Christmas gift!

Today I worked entirely on the needlepunch project I have going -- it too is a Christmas gift -- still need to get one more floss color and finish the background.

And, yesterday I also cleaned up the sewing tables, sorted another shelf of fabric in the cabinet and refolded a whole bunch of it, leaving me with a new pile for scraps that needs to be cut and put into the various drawers. And, I pressed "Gratitudes" and cut the batting, but decided to buy a fabric for the background for 50% off at the lqs next Saturday instead of piecing one. I want to finish it to give to Bill for Christmas and that will make 5 quilts I finished for Christmas gifts this year! 4 for sure!


1. The birds have found the seed and the Juncos are back.

2. The fireplace in the kitchen -- I spent all afternoon sitting at the table watching the Bears game and needlepunching and it was warm and toasty.

3. Creamed chicken and biscuits for dinner tonight -- something easy because I'm feeling lazy!

4. The roads are cleared of snow, and most of the driveway ice has melted off in the sun.


Bonnie said...

Wow - you sure make nice Christmas gifts! Beautiful quilt.

Susan said...

Congratulations on a finish! I know that feels good. It's a beautiful quilt and lucky is the recipient.

Sandra said...

Great finish - and a lovely quilt :-)

Helen said...

What a pretty quilt!

Carrie said...

What a beautiful quilt! Great job!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Hooray for a finish - whoever gets this as a Christmas present is sure to love it! Great cards you got in the mail too!



Shelina said...

Joanne, this is a lovely quilt. You have been really busy, and I am sure that all the recipients of your gifts will be really impressed and pleased.