Friday, November 03, 2006

Today was a Sewing Day!

I don't have much to show for it -- but a good day anyway! I had decided I wasn't going to do "Gratitude", Judy and Jeanne's Hour a Day quilt because I have tons of ufo's I should be working on. But.... well, you know how it is. So today I made my hst's. Tomorrow I'll do part two and maybe part three. The "light" is a tan Kansas Troubles fabric, the "dark" is a green Kansas Troubles fabric. I think the sashing strips are going to be a red KT fabric, but I'll decide for sure when I get there!

I also hand appliqued today, so that project is not left out in the cold -- it'll be done by Christmas anyway!

I ordered some Christmas gifts from on Tuesday and some stuff from Williams-Sonoma on Wednesday -- they both arrived today! I have no affiliation, of course, but their service is grand! I not only have all my shopping done, but everything has arrived! Now to wrap it all! I did order EQ6 upgrade for myself, but that won't ship til the end of November.


1. A sewing day

2. A nice fire in the kitchen fireplace

3. Broiled pork chops

4. A new Keith Urban cd


DubiQuilts said...

I like the fabric you are using.

Libby said...

Ahh - the best laid plans. It will be a beautiful quilt *s*

Screen Door said...

I love the fabric choices. Sounds like you had the best day..I'm a Keith Urban Fan,

quiltpixie said...

working on a UFO instead of creating another sounds like a good plan :-)

May Britt said...

I think the nov quilt will be good with red strips. I am using red strips in mine.