Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another No Sewing Day

This was another no-sewing day and a long one at that. The good news is I went to my second guild today and Paula Reid was the speaker -- very funny lady. She's the lady that is a friend of Alex Anderson's and has been on the show doing her "Fluff and Stuff" machine quilting (by regular sewing machine), and many other shows too. It was a fun afternoon.

The morning however, was not so fun. Had my regularly scheduled mammogram at 8:15 this morning (meaning I had to get up at 6 am and I don't do mornings well!). So, had the mammo -- go back to the waiting room to get results, get called again, need 6 more pictures in addition to the original 4 (I usually have to have 8 -- dense tissue) -- back to the waiting room, called again -- need an ultrasound of both -- have that done, wait in the ultrasound room while they read them, Radiologist comes in -- hey I finally got to meet the man that has read probably half of all my mammos and x-rays -- his name is on practically every bill listing a radiologist! LOL But, I digress. He shows me what they're looking at -- left side only (right side is probably nothing, so that will be checked next May) -- he called it an adenomyoma (I think), which is usually a benign cyst and in fact I had one removed many years ago from the same area. So, have to go in next Wednesday morning (another 8 am procedure), have an "ultrasound guided needle biopsy". Won't get the results til next Friday though. Anyway -- I'm not worried about this, or the least bit frightened, but I don't know why I have to have someone with me to drive me home -- it's only done with a local and I really don't use my breasts to drive the car! vbg
Anyway -- all of that took 2 hours, so had to rush around to finish my Christmas shopping -- which I did -- and met quilting friend for lunch before our guild meeting. All in all, not a bad day, but no sewing!

1. I'm grateful that our health system has figured out that having to come back 15 times for different tests is frightening and they now have it set up for the Radiologist to read and report while we are still there and they can set up the next test in the same place.
2. I am grateful that there is no history of breast cancer in my family.
3. I am grateful that the nurses, techs and radiologists all treat the patients with TLC and give us a straight answer right off the bat.
4. I am grateful that my Christmas shopping is done, done, done! Now to finish that applique project!
5. I am grateful that I froze hamburger as patties so I can throw them on the George Forman without much thought or effort! vbg


Hedgehog said...

I heard Paula Reid two summers ago and she was very funny. Best wishes for the follow up.

Dona said...

Am keeping fingers crossed for a good report on the Bx. Like your tea towel applique from yesterday. Blogger wouldn't let me see pictures.

Libby said...

I have seen Paula Reid at Road to California -- entertaining. Hope all is well with the tests next week -- I'm relieved to hear you don't use your breats to drive *S*

Susan said...

I can't believe your Christmas shopping is finished! That's great! Now you have time to sew. =)

Jeanne said...

Keeping you in my thoughts.
Hugs ~ Jeanne