Sunday, October 01, 2006

A New Month

October has arrived and with it the summer weather is coming back - go figure! Time to review last month's accomplishments and decide on this month's goals.

Last month's accomplishments: I did manage to finish the One Hour a Day quilt - it's bound and waiting to become a Christmas gift. I also finished the Thangles BOM I was doing for the year -- it is also bound and waiting to become a gift. I got Briana's top together and it is pin basted and ready for quilting. Guess that's about it for September -- wasn't real productive quilt-wise, but sometimes ya just gotta take some time off.

New goals:
1. Quilt, bind and label Briana's quilt.
2. Finish the applique on the wallhanging I'm working on as a Christmas gift. I have the pieces cut for the piecing part, and have started appliqueing the stems.
3. Get the October One Hour a Day quilt top put together. I have the pieces all cut and one block pieced.

That'll probably be it for October -- we will be gone the first week for a Navy reunion; I'm doing a new bom from a lqs, so will have one meeting and one block to make for that; our guild quilt show will be the 20-21, so will be working at the show and also getting a couple of quilts ready to show, plus I want to sell a couple of my "shop samples" in the boutique, so need to take care of that stuff. In addition to my goals, I want to try to get in some hand quilting at least 3 days a week, so that should pretty much fill up the month. I see no point in over-extending my goals and stressing myself out! And, I'll need to take screens down and wash windows if we manage to get some Indian Summer weather -- after we get back!

1. A visit with Steve & Kim yesterday afternoon.

2. Kim loves her new administration job in the new school district.
3. Walnuts falling from the trees - it's like playing dodgeball when the wind blows.
4. The garden is pretty much done.
5. A quiet Sunday afternoon to sit and quilt.


quiltpixie said...

love the idea of hand quilting 3 days a week. It'll add up...

Libby said...

Sound like fine goals to me -- remember we set them to try to attain them not to be unreachable.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Way to go - 2 Christmas presents all done and tucked away!!! Your goals sound like good ones to me! I am taking the time to enjoy what I DO DO, not worry about what I didn't do!



Sharon said...

It sure sounds like you got a LOT done! Even though I sew a lot, I never seem to get finishes done as fast as I'd like - or like you do!