Friday, September 29, 2006

More Fall Stuff

This was an old Country Threads pattern -- back in the early nineties, anyway. I forgot to reverse the pattern when tracing the turkey, so he faces the wrong way (from the pattern), but that's okay with me -- I like him anyway!

I've been sewing the past few days, but accomplishing absolutely nothing! I got Briana's quilt loaded on the hq and started to quilt it yesterday, but had nothing but problems. Took it off the hq and am in the process of ripping stitches. I'll quilt it on the Bernina instead. I was quite frustrated yesterday, but it gave me time to think while frog stitching. It's time I got back to doing some hand quilting. I want to finish Briana's quilt on the machine, and I'd like to finish one more thing for a Christmas gift and may do that on the machine, too, but after that I don't have anything with a time limit, so we'll see.

I did figure out this morning that the problem with the hq was operator error -- probably that I didn't change the tension on the machine and the last thing I did on it was work with nylon thread -- big difference in the tension -- duh!

Today I received the new issue of Quilt University's newsletter and Nancy Chong is offering a hand quilting class. I have taken all of Nancy's other classes at QU -- she's a wonderful teacher. And, even though I've been hand quilting since I began quilting, I signed up for her class anyway. It just seemed like Providence that I'd been thinking about getting back to hand quilting and then got the newsletter the next day!

I finally joined the Stashbuster list and have been lurking, of course. But, someone mentioned the Primitive Pieces by Lynda site and I adore it. It is so amazing to me that there are all these sites online that I've never seen before and yet they've been out there for a long time. And, I've been online since '95. While I was wandering around this site, I noticed our own Dawn had a quilt or two shown on the site.


1. The internet -- what a wonderful invention.

2. Sharing by quilters -- we share patterns, sites, fabric, and ourselves.

3. A fire in the kitchen fireplace again today.


Beth said...

I wanted to tell you I love that turkey too!


Dawn said...

Oh yes, I love Lynda's patterns! How can you not! And I have several more I want to do!

Your fall wall hanging is sooo cute!

Libby said...

I think my middle name may be "Forgot To Reverse The Pattern" No one knows if we never tell *s*

Hanne said...

The more I see these fall quilts I want to make one - next year :-)
If you had not mentioned it I would not have known about the reverse turkey. It looks good from here !

Mary said...

I haven't taken any classes at Quilt University but I've considered it. I'll have to take another look at their current offerings.

I've also been thinking about pulling one of my tops and doing some hand quilting but I probably won't until after we get moved. Right now I'm having fun with my knitting so I don't need another sit down project.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Very cute Thanksgiving/fall quilt! I think the turkey is running away from all the feasting, LOL!

I am on Stashbusters too and love the Legal B's idea (borders, backgrounds, backing, batting...).

And handsewing - usually I use my machine, but right now I am sewing a binding on a big quilt and it is relaxing ... doing binding isn't exactly thrilling!