Sunday, October 29, 2006

Indian Summer again

No pics today. But I have made some progress -- Leaf Season has it's first border on; I've almost finished another punchneedle project -- but ran out of charcoal thread, which I'll get tomorrow; my hand quilting class is moving along -- I am trying to break some old habits and establish new there, so today's practice was slower than yesterday's.
Just got back from a brisk walk with the dog -- it is absolutely beautiful out there today -- a true Indian Summer. I should have been taking down screens and washing windows, but I stayed in and watched the Bears game instead! Go Bears!

Tomorrow I have a dental appointment, then need to do some birthday/Christmas shopping while I'm in town, then back to finish laundry and hopefully get the screens down -- the windows will get washed on the outside or not -- depends on how fast I get the shopping done! And, I hope to put the second border on Leaf Season! I want to finish Leaf Season by Tuesday so I can start "Gratitudes" on Wednesday -- looks like a great design and will use up some scraps -- wtg Jeanne and Judy!

1. A beautiful autumn day
2. Leftovers for dinner and Bill won't complain (he never does!)
3. Making time for a walk today -- need to do that more often
4. Visits with the kids Friday and Saturday (and AJ is growing like a weed!)

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ForestJane said...

Can't wait to see your leaf season quilt - every one I see finished is prettier than the others... lol