Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Day

So this is the picture I couldn't get up last night! The color is off a bit because the dark in the alternate blocks is a deep red, not black or brown. Anyway -- I really like it and hopefully tomorrow will get the borders on.

Today we got our AJ fix! He'll be 3 in February and talks with just a little bit of a lisp -- I love to hear him talk! The custody thing with Briana, 8, has been settled out of court as of today! She lives with our daughter and son-in-law, who is her dad, and goes to her mother's every weekend. Now the kids get to have her one weekend a month during the school year and every weekend during the summer (the mother will get Mon-Thur in the summer). So, now we (the rest of the family) should be able to see Briana more often, too. Too many times we've had family get-togethers and Briana had to go to her mother's, so we missed seeing her and she us.

The computer thing: I need to move some things over to the notebook anyway that I've put off -- don't want to clutter it up! vbg The problem with the pc seems to have fixed itself now. I think just some gremlins because I updated the IE to the newest version (sometimes I think Microsoft is trying to run my computer without my input at all!). As far as dial-up -- yes, I hate it, but it's the price we have to pay to live out in the country. I refuse to pay big bucks for satellite connection; I'll wait til the phone company gets the right lines out here, or sometime in the future they will have wireless out here; or, eventually, we'll move closer to town!

I worked a couple hours on the applique project today and started another punchneedle project. I only have the background left on the punchneedle -- it goes pretty fast once you get the hang of it! I knew the kids were coming out late this afternoon, so didn't want to start the borders on the Leaf Season -- so will do those tomorrow (although, our son & daughter-in-law are coming out in the morning!).

1. The custody case was settled with a minimum of fuss and it's a win/win for all parties -- plus it'll really be good for Briana, and that was what it was all about.
2. AJ is such a treasure -- ya just want to hug on him all the time!
3. Spaghetti for dinner -- and a bath for AJ afterwards!
4. Market Day food -- the freezers are packed full.
5. Family


Tazzie said...

Your quilt looks just lovely Joanne, you must be thrilled to get so far with it!

dot said...

Very nice. I like your background fabric. A very nice touch. It will look great with the borders.

Anonymous said...

It's soooooo pretty! Love it.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

quiltpixie said...

Glad you'll be able to plan family gatherings more easily now to include everyone.

Libby said...

Your quilt turned out great -- fall is just the best.

Gail said...

Glad your family things are working out so well for everyone-especially the grandmother that gets to spend more time with those little loves.

DubiQuilts said...

Your quilt turned out great! The new IE is playing with my PC too. In my old life I was a software support specialist and I knew better not to update but so many have said it was great and they had no problems. I will give it 1 more week and then I am going back to version 6.

Bonnie said...

Your Leaf Season quilt looks great - can't wait to see the borders. Good job.

ForestJane said...

Leaf season looks great! It's so fun seeing it in all the different color combinations. :)

Dawn said...

Oh it is very nice!