Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Finished Quilt

I spent most of the day finishing the Buck a Block. Did the border on the Bernina and it came out pretty good! I did it using a stencil of Christmas trees. The binding is on and it's been washed and dried! I think this may be a Christmas gift.

While I waited for it to wash and dry, I prepped the last 5 flower blocks and 20 circles to be appliqued onto some of the hst's of Sunny Days. Tomorrow I'll probably piece the hst's

1. Another pieceful/peaceful day
2. Homemade chicken soup for dinner -- trying to cure Bill's cold before he gives it to me.
3. The rain has held off all weekend, until tonight anyway.
4. Hazelnut candles.


Vicky said...

What a beauty? How do I get on your Christmas list? :)

And your flowers are fabulous! Makes me want to hop right on an applique project!


Screen Door said...

If you ever have time for your chicken soup recipe, I'd appreciate it. Everyone always says I do a little of this and that, me--I do campbells in a can----


Hedgehog said...

What a pretty quilt. Why is it called Buck a Block?

ForestJane said...

That turned out neat!

I like the way the white fabric makes a negative space next to the print you're using.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great way to go - there are so many FUN quilting stencils/patterns out there now, the trees sound like a perfect match.



Libby said...

What a pretty quilt -- it just gives me a nice, calm feeling.